6 New Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime movies and shows to stream this weekend

Another weekend has got around somehow (what time is it at the moment?) And you are probably wondering what you can see new on Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime. Look no further, because we've summarized the best content from last week (June 8th to 14th).
In the foreground is Spike Lee's new film Da 5 Bloods, one of the best recent efforts by the director now on Netflix. Then there is the classic sitcom Seinfeld, which was made available to British viewers on Amazon Prime. For those of you in the US, there is V for Vendetta on Netflix. Then there's the first big Disney Plus film, Artemis Fowl. And if you are not looking for something new, we have constantly peppered our regularly updated "Best Lists". So let's stream!
Since 5 Bloods - Netflix
Available: Worldwide
Spike Lee has reminded us that Black Lives is Matter since the mid-1980s, but his screams have not surprisingly gained urgency in recent years: Chi-Raq and BlacKkKlansman are among his most powerful works. Da 5 Bloods compares these films to sincere anger and tells the story of four U.S. veterans returning to Vietnam to locate and repatriate the remains of their squad leader. This is an often violent, fascinating picture. The world needs it now.
The best Netflix movies
The best Netflix shows
V for Vendetta - Netflix
Available: Netflix US
Talk about in time. The adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's graphic novel has sparked a real revolution with his infamous Guy Fawkes design. However, if you look beyond the mask, you will come across a surprisingly tense thriller that carries its policies up its sleeve and has something to say about today's climate. It also helps that it is supported by an outstanding cast, including Hugo Weaving, which makes your heart swell and squirm equally. Dystopia has never been so dangerously entertaining.
A star is born (2018) - Amazon Prime
Available: UK
Bradley Cooper's captivating melodrama A Star Is Born is the fourth reinterpretation of classic history that makes it onto the big screen. In his directorial debut, Cooper plays Jackson Jackson Maine, a rock star with alcohol problems, while Lady Gaga plays Ally, an aspiring singer he likes. The plot amounts to a romantic whirlwind collision of love, family and tragedy and is wonderfully combined by the chemistry of the two main roles. A film star is really born in this film, and when Lady Gaga sings, she crosses the screen. Our advice? Grab the handkerchiefs and add A Star is Born to your watchlist.
Artemis Poultry - Disney Plus
Available: Worldwide
Artemis Fowl is the first of Disney's planned theatrical releases to dodge theaters and debut on the Disney + streaming service due to Covid 19 restrictions. In a way, it is a pioneer. Unfortunately, this is the only way this overwhelming franchise wannabe stands out from the crowd. This is a film that is aimed directly at very young children without thinking about reaching out to older generations. But if you have kids in this age group - or just want to get the most out of your Disney Plus subscription - give it a whirl.
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Knife out - Amazon Prime
Available: US
Rian Johnson's whip is spectacular fun. The morning after his 85th birthday party, crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is found dead in his study. For Lieutenant Elliot, this is an open and closed suicide case - until Private Eye Benoit Blanc is on site. Suspect? The entire Thrombey family. Knives Out takes up tricky topics such as privileges, class and immigration with a lot of wit and perfect precision. Johnson's film is filled with a fantastic cast and with so many twists and turns that your head twists. Knives out is a must.
Seinfeld - Amazon Prime
Available: UK
It was said that Seinfeld is known to be a show about nothing. It's actually so much more than that. The sitcom, led by Jerry Seinfeld, deals with the everyday problems of a group of New Yorkers and the larger-than-life characters that always seem to attract them. It has achieved cult status thanks to its evil sense of razor-sharp humor and observation comedy in a decade that never stopped.
If you've exhausted friends, seen too much of scrubs, and just want a "new", extraordinarily bingable comedy that you can put yourself in for hours, you could do much worse than Seinfeld. It is more than nothing.
The best movies on Amazon Prime
The best shows on Amazon Prime

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