6 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About ‘The Goldbergs’ Star Hayley Orrantia

If you look at ABC's The Goldbergs, you likely recognize Hayley Orrantia. In honor of the season eight premiere, we sat down for an interview with the 26-year-old actress, who shared exclusive details about the popular ABC series as well as information about her emerging music career. Here's what she had to say.
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1. Your character in 'The Goldbergs' should be male
Orrantia plays Erica Goldberg (AKA the oldest child). The ABC show is based on the real-life story of series creator Adam F. Goldberg. However, he made some changes to the plot - like his oldest sibling's gender.
"It's based on a real family except he had an older brother named Eric," she told PureWow. "[Goldberg] changed it in Erica just to add a little more feminine energy."
2. She recently started filming Season 8
Orrantia has confirmed that ABC has begun production of the eighth season of The Goldbergs, which will premiere on October 21. "We just started filming season eight about a month ago," she explained. "With all of these new protocols, we're really happy to be back and getting into the rhythm of things."
While not giving too much away, the actress teased the plot for the premiere episode, adding, "Our first episode pays homage to the airplane! Movies that were really fun. We got to shoot on a fake plane."
She confirmed that season eight will feature many surprises, including an unexpected wedding. "We have a wedding that is going to be sometime early next season that I think a lot of people will be surprised at," Orrantia continued.
3. She is friends with the cast in real life
Orrantia admitted that she gets along very well with the rest of the Goldbergs cast. “We have such a good time together. It's ridiculous which I think contributes to why the show is so popular, ”she said. "It's nostalgic for a lot of people who grew up in the 80s - and as a cast and crew, we all love to hang out and crack jokes between scenes."
She continued, "Some of my cast have said," There is no other set like this. There is no other group of people who can get along like us and connect like we did. "
4. She's working on new music
When she's not on the set of The Goldbergs, Orrantia is likely writing music in Tennessee. “Ordinarily I would go to my place in Nashville and write with some of my favorite songwriters and producers out there. I should have music by now, but I haven't traveled at all, "she said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.
The actress announced that she now has a studio in her garage that she plans to use to record new music. "I'm really looking forward to challenging myself to make music from the ground up," she continued. "Normally I would hand some responsibility over to a producer, so I'm excited to see how the songwriting process and the production aspect of all of this will come together."
Orrantia added, "The goal is to hopefully release it early next year."
5. She flips houses for fun
The Goldbergs star revealed that she had started a side house flipping business with her father. "I fell in love with interior design and interior design," she told PureWow. "We started a small business turning houses in Nashville and it's been going really well so far. [My dad] has always been doing this and I'm a little new to the game. But it was really fun with the family to work. "
Orrantia also admitted it was a family affair, adding, "My dad is the contractor, I do the design aspects. My uncle is really good at woodworking so he's demolition and woodworking for certain projects And then his son (my cousin) is an architect and he helps us reform the layout of a flip we're planning. He has a big eye for that. "
6. She is involved (both on and off screen)
In addition to acting, Orrantia used this period of social distancing to develop other projects. "I was trying to develop some script shows with my boyfriend and father," she said. "I think that was the cool part - just getting things done with my family since we're all together at this point."
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