6 Types of Toxic People to Quit Wasting Your Energy On

You are busy. There is no way you have time for friendships that destroy all your joy. Here are six types of toxic people who just aren't worth your time.
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1. The gossip
You know the friend: after about 30 seconds of small talk, the convo revolves around status updates about all the mothers in your mother group and the pros and cons of their personal lives. Sure, it's fascinating to know that Sarah Beth may or may not have brought store-bought cookies to the PTA cake sale. But after a while it feels gross and mean, and also serves as a reminder - you have much better things to do with your time.
2. The downer
OMG, work / life / the world is the worst according to this womp-womp-minded buddy. Sure, not every day is sunshine and rainbows, but this friend has a way to make the sunniest Friday bleak. When all this doom and darkness knocks you down, it is time to cut down your losses - or at least limit your catch-ups to lyrics.
3. The guilt trip
True story: we all have a lot on our plate. But the dude that makes you feel bad about? Ugh, the worst. So your babysitter quit on bail and you had to cancel your RSVP for the eight-course meal your loving friend made from scratch. Of course, when you get the news out, you feel terrible. But the friend who rubs it and doesn't let go? Goodbye.
4. The martyr
Reservation for dinner on Friday evening? This friend volunteered to take care of it, but then spent the first 30 minutes of catching up complaining passively-aggressively about the volume of work that caught the coveted 8pm. Slot. It's not that you're not grateful, but one thank you should be enough. If it doesn't - and you feel indebted to her for all of her "selfless" actions - it may be time to move on.
5. The Asker
Unlike the martyr, this friend has a tendency to put everything on the plate. It's not that you are her personal assistant, but when she text you the address of the cinema where you meet and then asks you to be there early to secure a good seat for her, feel free to use it bit like you've done a job that you never wanted.
6. The one-upper
OMG, your last trip to Barcelona was the best. But when you mention the ceviche place in the wall you came across, she already pauses to talk about the even better ceviche place in the wall from her trip five years ago. Occasionally let it slide. But when this happens regularly, it's exhausting - and friendship doesn't work.
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