6 Ways You’re (Accidentally) Annoying Your Spouse

You and your partner are two peas in a pod and he is the last person you want to piss off. But nobody is perfect (right?) And being together forever has its ... quirks. Here are six ways you could accidentally annoy your spouse.
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1. They clean up ... after they clean up
You didn't * properly * load the dishwasher so just do the job all over again, no problem ... except now your spouse feels that you don't appreciate their help - oops. One way to deal with it? Identify the non-negotiable things (like oatmeal encrusted on bowls or socks on the bathroom floor) together and let go of the little things. (You can survive a night with towels draped "wrongly".)
2. They are glued to your phone
We know your Instagram hearts are racing, but your constant phubbing (aka phone snubbing) not only makes you appear less present, it also makes your S.O. feel unheard, invisible and unimportant. Fight the urge to check this notification or block a set time without a phone when neither of you can be on your devices. Sure, it's challenging, but the results (meaningful conversation and emotional connection) are well worth it.
3. You are really good at listening ... selectively
In a minute he's talking about weekend plans and suddenly you're cleaning up the third season of Queer Eye. But being a good listener goes a long way. Instead of getting your partner to talk to a brick wall, repeat what they're telling them to stay present.
4. You sit down all the time
Whether you're having a bad day or just looking for a compliment (we're all guilty of it), becoming your full-time cheerleader can be emotionally draining for your spouse - who, by the way, doesn't believe those flicks make you look far. Try taking a page out of his book: Show yourself some love by telling him one thing that you are proud of every day. And, according to psychologists, self-acceptance enables more intimate, fulfilling relationships.
5. You interrupt when you are out with friends
While it's great that you can finish your spouse's sentences, it can be frustrating or even condescending when it's not just the two of you. Give her a round to get to the punchline first. She's pretty funny!
6. They don't answer their texts
A "hey" without context actually means "check in for signs of life". Go back to your boo, OK?

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