6-year-old speaks out after saving herself from attempted kidnapping

A six-year-old girl in Ohio speaks for the first time since escaping an apparent kidnapping attempt right outside her home.
Ken'Adi Nash was taking out the trash as the incident unfolded. In an interview with Good Morning America that aired Friday, she described how she narrowly escaped a dangerous situation.
"This guy comes over and touched me. He pulled me," said Ken'Adi.
But Ken'Adi reacted quickly and screamed when the man grabbed her hand and the young girl thinks that might have helped her.
"He just let go of me because I was screaming," she said.
A doorbell camera at Ken'Adi's family home recorded the entire incident, which lasted less than 10 seconds in total.
VIDEO: 6-year-old girl escapes alleged kidnapping attempt outside her home (ABCNews.com)
Police say the man suddenly grabbed Ken'Adi, stepped forward and also tried to pull her with him - all before Ken'Adi cried out.
"He wouldn't have let go of her if she hadn't been yanking and screaming like that," said Ricky Nash, Ken'Adi's father.
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Afterwards, Ken'Adi ran back to her family's home and alerted her father, who jumped into his car to follow the man while phoning local authorities.
"I followed him like he still had my kid," Ricky Nash said. "I definitely didn't want him to be able to grab another kid."
Police later arrested 33-year-old Deric McPherson in connection with the case. McPherson was charged with kidnapping and improper grasping.
"When the cops handcuffed him, he took so much fear," Nash said.
Nash, his wife Mandie Nash and Ken'Adi all say they are devastated by the incident.
"It's burned into our heads forever - that scream. So he will always be with us," Mandie Nash said.
The Nashes say they taught all four of their daughters how to fend off an attacker and if it weren't for Ken'Adi's quick action, the outcome could have been far worse.
"I'm so proud of her. So proud of her," Mandie Nash said. "Because as soon as she screamed, he let go. So obviously, you know, it works.”
Callahan Walsh, a children's advocate at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, told GMA that Ken'Adi's reaction during the kidnapping attempt was correct.
"She did everything right in this case. She kicked, screamed, retreated. That's exactly what we teach kids, what to do when a would-be kidnapper is trying to grab them. In fact, there is much to be learned from these kidnapping attempts,” Walsh said.
"We've been analyzing abduction attempts for over a decade at the National Center for Missing Exploited Children and we know that in over 83% of the cases where a child is able to escape their alleged abductor, it's something they did proactively, like kick, scream or withdraw, which is exactly what she did in this case. She's the reason she's safe at home tonight.
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For parents who want to talk to their own children about what to do about an attempted kidnapping, Walsh recommends having the conversation sooner rather than later.
"We recommend starting really young and making sure that messaging is simple and easy for your young children to understand," Walsh said.
"Start with things like walking around your neighborhood and pointing out which houses your child might go to in an emergency, what the neighbors are called, what the parents' full names are, what their phone number and home address are," says Walsh recommended. “Those are things you can teach your young children, the basics of child safety, but of course as they get older that should be the message too. If you're starting young, make sure it's simple, that it's easy for kids to understand, and it's not overwhelming."
The 6-year-old speaks out after saving herself from an attempted kidnapping, which originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.com

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