8 dog breeds you didn't know had exotic origins

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From Australia to the distant shores of Madagascar, there are many dog ​​breeds with exotic origins that you may not know. Although for many the clue is in the name.
"While our own travel plans for 2020 are largely put on hold, we expect some of our four-legged friends to inspire and wanderlust with some of our favorite breeds, as well as some lesser-known ones from distant destinations," said the Kennel Club Country Living team .
"Below are some of the most exotic breeds of dog. While each breed has certain characteristics, individual dogs have their own unique and different characteristics, and there are many other factors that can affect a dog's character and temperament."
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1. Afghan dog
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Evolves from: Afghanistan
"Recognizable by their glamorous fur and long limbs, as the name suggests, these dogs come from Afghanistan. They can be of different sizes depending on the terrain for which they were originally bred: in the desert plains or in the mountain regions, whereby that longer fur is available to protect against the cold environment in these latter regions of the country
"This elegant 'supermodel of the dog world' is dignified and reserved and is best suited for a large house in the country, the maintenance of which is surprising every day."
2. Basenji
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Evolves From: African Congo
"The gazelle-like Basenji has a very unique yodel that replaces the usual bark of all other breeds. The first Basenjis came to England from the African Congo in 1936, where they were used as all-purpose hunters.
"However, the history of the breed goes back to the time of the pharaohs, with paintings in their tombs that have a similarity to the breed we know today, which is intelligent, independent, loving and exceptionally clean. The Basenji would be just at home in the city or in the country. "
3. Australian Terrier
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Evolves from: Australia
"It is believed that the breed arrived in Australia in the 19th century and was used by British settlers to keep rodents and other vermin away. They have a typical, hard terrier fur, available in blue and brown or solid red or sandy The best known people who owned the breed included the Queen's uncle, HRH, the Duke of Gloucester, and his wife, the Duchess.
"They are a typical terrier breed; alert, extroverted and eager to please. As a friendly dog, the Australian terrier is just as suitable as a companion dog and will happily live in the city or in the country."
4. Havanese
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Originates from: USA
"The Havanese is Cuba's national dog and became more famous when the silky-coated breed was brought to the United States. They are a friendly and open-minded breed that belongs to the toy group, with a curled up tail and a beautiful silky coat."
5. Coton de Tulear
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Evolves From: Madagascar
"This majestic but small toy breed is in fact the 'Royal Dog of Madagascar' that has been seen on the island of Tula for several centuries, although it was not officially recognized until 1990. The 'Coton' refers to the texture of the trademark the breed is predominantly white, but may also have a few light shades of light gray or deer / apricot on the ears.
"The Coton de Tulear is lively and loyal, but also adaptable and agile and is suitable for both city and country life."
6. Sloughi
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Evolves from: North Africa
"The Sloughi is a sighthound that comes from North Africa. The breed is slim and has adapted to hot desert conditions. The fur colors include shades from light sand to mahogany red fawn, optionally with brindle and black markings. The Sloughi is large, dark eyes are often referred to as "melancholic". They are a calm but noble breed and loyal and loving to their family. "
7. Samoyed
Credit: zhao hui - Getty Images
Evolves from: Northeast Siberia
"The 'Smiley' Samoyed from the arctic regions of Northeast Siberia has historically helped the nomadic tribes of the Samoyede and the Nentsy. They are traditionally versatile, have previously kept and guarded reindeer, pulled and even hunted. The white double coat insulated the cold climate and her flat feet prevented snowballs from forming on her feet.
"The breed belongs to the Spitz dog family and is known to be very loving and active."
8. Tibetan Terrier
Credit: Image from Dr. Ewan Photography. All rights reserved - Getty Images
Evolves From: Tibet
"Although the Tibetan Terrier is not a terrier breed, it was previously used as a sheep herding dog. A hallmark of the breed is the beautiful and lush double hair - woolly underneath, with a long, fine top coat.
"The breed first came from Tibet and came to England in the 1930s with an English surgeon, Dr. Greig, who had worked in a hospital on the Indian-Tibetan border. The Tibetan Terrier is a loyal, lively, and good-natured companion dog . "
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