8 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You to Stop Doing

Hairdressers are like magicians: they make us look like a million dollars and at the same time serve as pseudotherapists. But are they mind readers? Not as much. Do yourself a favor and learn about these eight things your stylist really wants you to stop.
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1. Request a celebrity's haircut (unless you have a picture)
Celebrity styles change drastically from day to day and from event to event, so your idea of ​​Jennifer Lawrence's praise can be completely different from that of your stylist. Do the job and print out a picture of the exact look you want to mimic (or have ready on your phone).
2. Expect a miracle
No matter how perfect the cut and color, you probably won't look 100 percent like Jennifer Lawrence. (After all, each individual's hair texture is unique.) Managing your expectations ensures that you won't leave the salon disappointed or, worse, take out your innocent stylist.
3. Try changing the core of your hair
No matter how much time or money you spend on changing your hair, you really can't change it at its core. While you can manipulate your hair to a point, it is best to accept that you are unlikely to ever stick a square pin into a round hole.
4. Doubts about them
Hairdressers are highly qualified specialists. If, in their opinion, platinum blonde does irreparable harm, just listen. Yes, it would probably look super cool for a hot second, but it's not worth a lifetime of fried hair.
5. Go too long between the decorations
While trimming your hair often doesn't make it grow faster, frequent trimming is required to prevent split ends and breakage. Ideally, you should get trim for your healthiest strands every eight to 12 weeks.
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6. Cut your own bangs
Seriously. If you're not a trained professional, a blow at home is likely to do more harm than good. Instead, ask your salon if they offer free bang paneling - many do.
7. Add excessive heat to your hair
Too much blow drying, ironing and curling can seriously damage the strands. Take a break now and then and use a good heat protection spray to keep hair healthy.
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8. Pretend you are happy when you are not
If you are not happy with your cut or color, be open and say something. The salons don't want you to complain to everyone you know. Many of them repair your hair for free. The moral of the story is: Let us all be open, honest and flexible. After all, it's just hair.
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