80 Holiday Desserts That Are Festive *and* Downright Delicious

It's the best time of the year: the Christmas baking season. And we're starting with Christmas cookies, festive cakes and elegant cakes, to name a few. Whether you're a party guest this year or you're entertaining the family, keep these 80 vacation desserts in your back pocket. They are simple, tasty and full of joy.
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1. The Easiest Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever
Rolling out is a breeze. Let the kids take care of the hard part, also known as decorating.
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2. Giant cinnamon bun
Psst: Store-bought croissant dough is the secret ingredient.
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3. Gingerbread crinkle cookies filled with caramel
We don't mind old-school gingerbread cookies, but we passed out over the sticky, melted center in these candies.
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4. Matcha-Cranberry Linzer Cookies
You'll be blown away at the annual cookie swap.
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5. Christmas crack
You can never have too many 10-minute recipes in your arsenal.
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6. No-Bake Sugar Truffle Cookie
Aka the best way to use up leftover sugar cookies.
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7. No-Bake Mini Mason Jar Seasoned Cheesecake
Red currant jelly and homemade whipped cream make these little boys super nifty.
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8. Hi-Hat Cupcakes from Peppermint Devil's Food
Sorry, buttercream. You have been dethroned by mint and marshmallow frosting.
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9. Champagne donuts
More festive than popping a bottle ... but don't let that stop you from indulging in both.
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10. Simple Cranberry Pecan Sandwich Biscuits
Cookie exchange? Holiday party? Aunt Jackie's house? Check, check and check.
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11. Chocolate peppermint bundt cake
This beauty from Coterie member Maria Lichty is more than impressive.
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12. Baked pears with maple syrup and almond sprinkles
A classic recipe that proves that sometimes less is more.
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13. Mini caramel pecan pies with cinnamon roll pie
Go ahead, you have seconds (and thirds).
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14. Sticky honeycomb toffee cake
Think of it as the chic, sticky cousin of toffee pudding.
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15. Adaptogen chocolate rind
Chocolate rind just got a good shine. (The bee pollen is supposed to boost your immune system, by the way.)
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16. Cinnamon Roll Cake
You can serve it for dessert, but it would look darn good as part of your Christmas brunch spread.
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17. Chocolate Peppermint Ice Box Cookies
Make the batter ahead of time and quickly bake the cookies before the company arrives.
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18. Gluten-free flourless cocoa cookies
Better news? You're only 123 calories per cookie.
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19. Mini Citrus Monkey Bread
Be honest: tiny desserts are only a billion times sweeter and more fun than their full size predecessors.
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20. Almond cookies dipped in chocolate
It's not the holidays without these beauties from Coterie member Heidi Larsen.
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21. Cinnamon sheet cake with apple wine glaze
All of our favorite cold weather favorites in an unexpected dessert.
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22. Hedgehog cookies
Hey, Coterie member Stefani Pollack: They are geniuses. Choose between tiny Rudolphs with pretzel antlers and Santa Clauses with gummy bears.
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