9 Still Unanswered Questions from GAME OF THRONES Season 1

Game of Thrones answered many of A Song of Ice and Fire's biggest questions. (Who was Jon Snow's mom? Where did the White Walkers come from? Is Melisandre really old?) But even with eight seasons, the series didn't answer all of our questions. Not even those who grew up at the beginning of the show. Here are nine from Game of Thrones season one that we never completed.
Did Cersei lie about a black haired son who died?
Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones
Cersei was able to do or say something. So what was she lying when she spoke to Catelyn Stark, who sat by Bran's side after his "fall"?
Cersei said she lost her first child, a little "black-haired beauty". But if it were true, it would apparently negate Maggie the Frog's otherwise very accurate prophecy about Cersei's life that she would have three children with the king.
We'll never know if Cersei lied to Catelyn, or if she really had a legitimate son with her husband. And frankly, it's a testament to Cersei's manipulation skills. Even after eight seasons, she still lets us guess.
Was Drogon or Daenerys the "stallion that climbs the world"?
Daenerys Targaryen's face is covered in blood as she holds the horse heart she eats on Game of Thrones
After Daenerys successfully ate a raw horse's heart, the Dosh Kaleen declared that her unborn son was the "stallion who mounts the world," the "Khal of Khals," who prophesied to unite all Dothraki Khalasars and conquer the world. That didn't happen.
Mirri Maz Duur, the witch who betrayed Daenerys, saw to it that Daenerys son Rhaego died during childbirth. Duur didn't want him to grow up and fulfill that fate. But was the Dothraki prophecy true in any other way?
Was Drogon, "born" by Daenerys, technically the stallion? Or was it Daenerys who united all the Khalasars? You can either stand up for it or argue that the prophecy was completely wrong. But we will never know for sure.
Did Mirri Maz Duur Really Curse Daenerys for Ever Having Children?
Mirri Maz Duur talks to Daenerys about Game of Thrones
Daenerys spoke of Mirri Maz Duur and believed the witch cursed her so Daenerys could never have children. Duur never said that in season one, but she does in George R. R. Martin's first book. That idea was introduced to the show by Daenerys in later seasons, and it was a big deal.
Tyrion feared the line of succession; Meanwhile, Jon didn't believe the curse at all, suggesting that Daenerys might one day have a child. What was the truth? Any chance of at least finding out on the show died at the Khaleesi.
Did Bran save himself from the Catspaw assassin?
Summer, the Direwolf, sits on Bran's bed and protects the boy in a coma at Game of Thrones
The Stark direwolves were extremely loyal and protective. Ghost came to Jon's aid repeatedly and didn't want to mess with Robb's gray wind. The first time a Direwolf rescued a Stark turned out to be very different in retrospect.
Bran's Direwolf Summer saved him from the alleged "Catspaw" killer who murdered Bran in a coma. At the moment it seemed like Summer was just a good wolf. But considering Bran became a warg that buzzer often came to mind in dangerous situations, did that happen to the cat's paw? Did Bran also subconsciously move into summer and save himself? The answer wouldn't change anything, but it's fun to think about.
What happened to Illyrio Mopatis and his big plans?
Illyrio Mopatis stands on Game of Thrones during Daenerys and Khal Drogo's wedding
Daenerys and Viserys lived in the pilot in the Pentos manse of Illyrio Mopatis. Later in season one, Arya spotted him in the alcoves of King's Landing and spoke to Varys about killing Ned Stark. Illyrio clearly wanted to install a friendly Targaryen on the iron throne. But that was the last time we saw or heard from him. (He allowed a fleeing Varys and Tyrion to stay in his manse for season five, but Illyrio was out of sight.)
What happened to the great schemer? Has he given up on his plans? Why did he even care about the already rich and powerful Mopatis a Targaryen ruled over Westeros? He might as well have supported the Lannisters when they took power. The real motivations of the show's Illyrio will never be known.
Was Old Nan right a long time ago about the White Walkers who ride ice spiders?
Old Nan knits in front of the fire and tells Bran a story about Game of Thrones
Old Nan’s stories of the first long night turned out to be true. With the exception of a certain part. She told Bran that the White Walkers once rode giant ice spiders "big as dogs". If you thought they looked scary on zombie horses, imagine seeing the Night King on the back of a monster egg spider.
Unfortunately that didn't happen. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss entertained the idea "for 30 seconds" before deciding that it would be impossible to make it look good on screen. But that's a question of production. Even if we haven't seen her, we want to know if Old Nan was right. (We really want to see them though! And while we're at it, are Grumkins and Snarks real, too? Give us all of the mythological creatures of Westeros!)
Where did the dragons originally come from?
A case with three stone dragon eggs of different colors from Game of Thrones
Ancient Valyria, the greatest empire in history, gained power through dragons. The ancient stories say that in Valyria, shepherds found the first dragon eggs in a ring of volcanoes. But even if that's true, how did you get there? There are many stories from around the world, but in Game of Thrones 'first season, Daenerys' servant Doreah tells a story she heard from a Qarth dealer.
He said dragons came from the moon because there were once two moons. One was an egg that got too close to the sun and cracked and shed thousands of dragons. The Dothraki women laughed at this story and said the moon was "not an egg". But that doesn't tell us where the most powerful creatures of all time, "fire of flesh", actually came from.
What happened to Tyrion's first wife?
Peter Dinklage as sad Tyrion Lannister wearing an undershirt in a tent on Game of Thrones
The night before Tyrion was to lead his unruly crew of mountain clans into battle, he told Bronn and Shae about his first wife, Tysha. The two married immediately after he saved her from an attempted rape. Only, Jaime then told him, the whole thing was a setup to get a 16-year-old Tyrion to bed with a woman. Tywin Lannister then ordered a terrible punishment for Tysha, and Tyrion never saw her again.
This was a defining moment in Tyrion's life. It partially resulted in him killing his father. And marriage was referred to in season eight. But what happened to Tysha? Where did she go Her memory is even more important to Tyrion in the books, as is where she went. (Especially when he learns that Jaime lied and Tysha really loved him.) Her whereabouts on the show is lost in time, however.
Did Syrio Forel survive his encounter with Meryn Trant?
Syrio Forel looks defiant as he fights Meryn Trant in Game of Thrones
The former Braavosi water dancer helped Arya escape the clutches of Meryn Trant and the Lannisters. But he paid for his bravery with his life. Or does he have? Some viewers and readers have long wandered whether the talented swordsman, no sword or not, escaped this duel.
While it looked like Syrio died, especially since he never appeared on the show again, we know two things about Game of Thrones. First, death is not permanent. Second, if we don't see you die on screen, anything is possible. We learned this lesson when the dog returned from its "fatal" encounter with Brienne.
However, more lessons will come from the books. We hope. At least we know how Game of Thrones ended up.
Featured image: HBO
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