9-Week-Old Puppy Rescued from the Grasp of Carpet Python by Heroic Owner in Startling Footage

A nine week old puppy was rescued by its owner after a carpet python suddenly emerged from a bush and attacked the dog.
The attack, which was videotaped by the homeowner and uploaded to YouTube on November 27, took place in the back yard of the owner's home in Sippy Downs, a suburb of the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia.
In the video, Jasper, a mix of German Shepherd and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, can be seen walking innocently across the lawn when a carpet python jumps out of a nearby bush and wraps itself around the puppy.
A few seconds after the python attacked the puppy, Jasper's owner Michelle van Schouwen and her young daughter came outside and discovered the snake wrapped around their pet.
"I got to the end of the terrace and then I just froze and then screamed because I just saw that snake, the python that wraps around it," she told 7NEWS Sydney.
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Immediately after seeing the terrible sight, van Schouwen hit the snake with a Christmas paper roll made of cardboard.
The role didn't get Jasper off the line, so van Schouwen grabbed the python with her own hands and started turning it around.
"I grabbed it and started moving," she recalled. "At first it was just this panic. I just turned around and then I noticed that Jasper was flying through the air, and then my brain immediately put it into gear and I said, 'Oh my gosh, I have to stop.'" "
The python finally released Jasper, who quickly hurried away as the snake was knocked to the ground.
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According to van Schouwen, Jasper had a bite injury in one ear, but has since recovered.
"We usually say, 'Yes, it's safe in our garden.' We go out and check it out and if there is obviously a queue we wouldn't let it out, ”van Schouwen told 7NEWS Sydney. "But they are quick."
According to the Queensland government, carpet pythons can grow up to four meters long and easily camouflage themselves outdoors thanks to their olive-brown skin. They mostly feed after dark and usually eat smaller animals like rats, possums, and birds.

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