9-Year-Old Ryan Kaji Named YouTube's Highest Paid Star by 'Forbes' After Making $29.5 Million

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Just like before when he was seven and then eight, nine-year-old Ryan Kaji finished the year as the highest-paid content creator on YouTube, according to Forbes.
In the year from June 1, 2019 to June 1, 2020, Kaji raised an estimated $ 29.5 million, beating the rest of the top 5: Mr. Beast ($ 24 million), Dude Perfect (23 million $ 20 million), Rhett and Link ($ 20 million), and Markiplier ($ 19.5 million), though they're all probably still pretty happy.
Kaji's channel, Ryan's World, had 12.2 billion views between June 2019 and '20 in what Forbes calls "DIY science experiments, family stories and new toy reviews." While the views of these videos are pulling in big bucks for the youngster, it is noted that most of his fortune is reportedly coming through licensing deals for more than 5,000 Ryan's World products such as action figures, clothing and walkie-talkies. He also has a series that ties him to the previously undisputed authority over what kids like (see: Nickelodeon) called Ryan's Mystery Playdate.
Note that Ryan isn't even the only person on the list with a single digit in the age category. In seventh place sits the six-year-old Russian YouTuber Nastya (18.5 million US dollars), whose channel * with a confused expression * reads again: "You and your father play with Legos, do chores and explain viruses."
What makes up the rest of the top 10. In 6th place are Preston Arsement ($ 19 million) and 8-10: Blippi ($ 17 million), David Dobrik ($ 15.5 million) and Jeffree Star ($ 15 million)).
The entire group can boast of subscribers ranging from 16.9 million to nastyas ... whoa (190.6 million), and the number of visitors last year ranges from 600 million to 39,000 nastya (whoa again).
For general information on what they are doing / what markets they cornered, see the entire list on Forbes.
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