'90 Day Fiance' star Colt Johnson on life after Larissa

Colt Johnson, one of the stars of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After ?, continues after Larissa Lima's divorce. He also advises couples from different countries who meet. (June 19)
Video transcript
COLT JOHNSON: After what happened to me and Larissa, I'm ready to start my best life.
- When we are in Brazil, Brazilians do it for us.
It's a good story, lots of ups and downs, you know, right after the peak of my divorce. And really, my relationship with my mother is improving and changing a lot, and it's really great. You know, we can present my love interest, Jess. You probably saw it in the trailer. And it will be fine. I promise you that it will be a very good show.
LARISSA DOS SANTOS LIMA: Now that I'm single, I wanted to feel safe and sexual. When I see strippers in Las Vegas, I feel like I want this body.
COLT JOHNSON: I haven't seen Larissa since her third trial, the arrest. And yes, very briefly, I just walked up to her, shook her hand and said: Good luck and don't worry. And that was the last time I saw or talked to Larissa. And that was about a year ago, maybe a year and a half ago.
It is sometimes quite difficult because it looks like my entire marriage has been digested on two seasons of television. And in one hand - in many ways it is difficult for me to separate the television program from marriage because they really were at the same time. They filmed it when I first met Larissa in America. When I married Larissa, they filmed it, and when I divorced her, they filmed it.
It almost seems like it's not real. When I watch the show now, those are the memories that I have somehow.
- Hello!
PAUL STAEHLE: I hope things go well, but otherwise things could go terribly wrong.
You are breaking the law.
- Paul, shut up and turn around.
PAUL STAEHLE: Mom, the baby is not sitting in the [BLEEP] car seat! [SLEEP]
- Paul, we are right here.
PAUL STAEHLE: No, it's all good.
- Paul!
COLT JOHNSON: I think a lot of it is just the feeling that someone feels inadequate. When the immigrant moves to another country, you may not speak the language, you may not understand the customs. It only takes longer for this person to understand something. It's not that they're slow, they're just not familiar with it.
So there is always a disadvantage. And you as a citizen have to recognize that. And the customs are different, even the way people eat in different cultures is different in how they express themselves.
It's so easy to get stuck in it, well, that's how it is here, but it's not where this person comes from. People just don't pay attention to the little details. And they say, well, you're American, so here's your American hat. And you have to use your American book. And that's not how it works.

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