99-year-old woman 'absolutely ecstatic' to meet her 100th great-grandchild

A 99-year-old woman from Pennsylvania met her 100th great-grandchild in person earlier this month.
It was a once in a lifetime event for Marguerite "Peg" Koller - also known as the "grandmother" of Christine Stokes Balster and her husband Patrick Balster - who was "absolutely thrilled" to welcome baby Koller William Balster after his birth on August 4th.
"We went to Grandma's and introduced her to Koller, who was named after that family name," Stokes Balster, of Lafayette Hill, told Good Morning America. “...She was absolutely thrilled. Certainly limited words. She was just so happy and felt so blessed and lucky to hold him."
"You could feel the emotion and the gratitude and [she] just felt blessed again to have another great-grandchild, and this one named after my grandfather," added the mother-of-two.
In total, the 99-year-old matriarch has 11 children, 56 grandchildren and 100 great-grandchildren. Koller was lucky number 100 and arrived a week after his due date and weighed 9 pounds, 6 ounces.
"It was a race to 100," explained Stokes Balster. "My cousin Colleen and I were just a day apart [for] our due dates and she had the 99th great-grandchild who is absolutely healthy and beautiful. So you know, just grateful, blessed to have a few more babies to add to this great family."
PHOTO: Christine and Patrick Balster, who welcomed their second child, Koller William Balster, on Aug. 4 are interviews with ABC News' Will Ganss. (ABC News)
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Koller is the second child born to Stokes Balster and her husband, who are also parents to Griffin David Balster, aged 22 months. Griffin David was named after his uncle Stokes Balster's late brother David Stokes, who died of brain cancer in 1990.
The Balsters said they wanted a different name that was just as meaningful for their second son.
"We wanted to make a name that was just as meaningful," Patrick Balster told GMA. "I've always loved the name Cole. And Chris said one day, 'Hey, how about Koller? That could be baby number 100 for great-grandmother.' We thought of Koller and chose Koller William...William Koller was her grandfather's name [Peg Koller's late husband who died in 2008] And then 'William' is on my side of the family too, I'm Fourth - Generation William , middle name. So we felt like it just made sense. It felt good.
The couple kept their baby's name a secret until after he was born.
"I think each of my mother's siblings - she's one of 11 - just felt it was such an honor for my late grandfather and the family name," said Stokes Balster. “[It was] so much love, so much support right away when we revealed his name, and even more special that he was the 100th great-grandchild. So the timing was spot on.”
Peg Koller turns 100 this November and the Balsters are looking forward to spending more time with their family matriarch. They say that among the "secrets" to her longevity is exercising twice a day and the love and support of her family.
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"Faith and family really get her going," said Stokes Balster. “She is present no matter what happens and no matter how old she is. I mean, she never misses a graduation, a baptism, a wedding, a book moment in elementary school. Whatever it is, it's always there.”
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