A 2nd Term and a 2nd Impeachment – Only in America

2016 - It feels like yesterday
The Trump clan and the Republicans had quite an election campaign in 2016. It might not have been the biggest shock, but it was still a shock, and what happened during most of the first term was perhaps even more stunning.
Agreement with the old enemy? In the 1960s, an American accused of being on the Red side would have been a person who was not Grata. The Trump may not have received official support from Putin, but as they say, where there is smoke, there is fire ...
We could go on, but there's no point. It's really a broken record and Trump has managed to avoid a bullet.
It goes without saying that Trump cannot knock on Russia's door for the second time ... assuming he got help the first time, whether requested or not.
That only seems to enable another nation to significantly influence the outcome of a presidential election.
Rewind to January 2020 and Trump sat nicely and faced an almost undisputed second term. We even saw its main competitor Bernie Sanders, who calls it a day in April.
Then there was the pandemic and it wasn't just the pandemic but the management of it. November is not that far away for voters and the loss of relatives will still be a painful cross.
Throw in Trump's disregard for human life to try to reverse an economic collapse by November. It gets worse.
How an elected president can disregard human life is amazing and we don't even want to talk about the riots ...
The democratic lifeline
Joe Biden will lick his lips. The door of the Oval Office is ajar and the Democrats have a chance to return to office. Surely only Tomfoolery would leave Biden outside in the cold ...
Another short one. After all, the Republicans really have to lose for Biden to win.
If the latest surveys are an indicator, it will be much closer than 2016. And I'm sure that Trump will do a little more damage between now and November ... After all, there is Twitter, which means aptly named.
The college vote
Unfortunately, there is the college vote and many popular candidates have been thwarted from becoming the next US president.
What an award and yet the majority of votes does not decide on the result ...
Interestingly, both Reuters and CNBC had bids at the top this week. In fact, Biden was also one step ahead in the swing states.
There is only one gaff and biden left.
As far as global financial markets are concerned, Biden appears to have received, albeit minor, approval.
We haven't seen panic over the prospect of a Biden win.
However, for those of us who cover the markets, it will be a shame not to be able to cover Trump and all his antics ... Maybe Trump Jr will entertain us later ...
A 2nd impeachment for the hardliner republicans? Well that would be a legacy.
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