A 70-year-old man was hospitalized with COVID-19 for 62 days. Then he received a $1.1 million hospital bill, including over $80,000 for using a ventilator.

A Washington state man who had spent more than two months in hospital and more than a month in intensive care with COVID-19 received a 181-page single invoice for a total of more than $ 1.1 million, the report said Seattle Times.
According to the report, 70-year-old Michael Flor is likely to pay little of the bill because he is insured with Medicare.
"I feel guilty for surviving," Flor told the Seattle Times. "There's a sense of 'why me?' Why did I deserve all of this? A look at the incredible cost of it all definitely adds to the guilt of this survivor. "
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Nurses care for a patient with COVID-19 on May 7, 2020 in a hospital in Seattle, Washington.
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A 70-year-old man in Seattle, Washington, after being in a local hospital for more than two months, was charged with a $ 181 million hospital bill for nearly two months while he was being treated for and near COVID-19 would have died.
"I opened it and said 'holy (explicit)!' "Patient Michael Flor, who received the $ 1,122,501.04 bill, told the Seattle Times.
He added, "I feel guilty if I survive. There is a sense of why I am?" Why did I deserve it all? A look at the incredible cost of it all definitely adds to the guilt of this survivor. "
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According to the report, Flor does not have to pay most of the fees because he has Medicare, which covers most, if not all, of his COVID-19 treatments. The 70-year-old spent 62 days in the Swedish medical center in Issaquah, Washington, of which he spent 42 days in isolation in the intensive care unit.
Of the more than a month he spent in a closed room in the intensive care unit, Flor spent 29 days on a ventilator. According to the Seattle Times, a nurse even helped him call his loved ones to say goodbye because he thought he was close to the virus.
Flor was billed at $ 9,736 daily in the intensive care unit. More than $ 80,000 of the bill is made up of fees associated with the use of a ventilator that, according to the report, costs $ 2,835 per day. A two-day period of his hospitalization, in which his organs, including kidneys, lungs, and heart, started to fail, was reported to cost $ 100,000.
In total, Flor's bill lists approximately 3,000 fees - according to The Seattle Times, approximately 50 fees for each day of his stay in hospital. Flor only has to pay a small part of the cost - including the $ 6,000 out of his own Medicare Advantage policy - because Congress has provided $ 100 billion to help hospitals and insurance companies cover the cost of Compensate for COVID-19.
According to the report, Flor is recovering at his home in West Seattle.
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