A bad whistle and a confusing rule robbed Bucs' Ronald Jones of a touchdown

When you have Tampa Bay Buccaneers leading Ronald Jones back on your fantasy team, you want to offer condolences to your sanity if you lose less than six points this week. Make it 12 when you face Mike Evans.
The NFL doesn't often make official decisions based on common sense that we've seen for years with the trapping rule. There was another rule that didn't make much sense Thursday night and it took Jones off a rightful touchdown.
Of course, Jones would have had a score if the officers hadn't made a call at all.
Jones caught a pass from Tom Brady in the middle in the first quarter. It was wide open, caught it deeply and fell to the ground. Nobody was around him and he rolled into the end zone. It looked like a touchdown, but there was a whistle. The pass was deemed incomplete on the field, but Tampa Bay challenged and it was clear that Jones had caught it and everyone thought he would have a touchdown.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers who ran down Ronald Jones, 27, had a touchdown on a strange call. (AP Photo / Charles Rex Arbogast)
But wait. Officials stated that his throw into the end zone did not count as the game was dead when Jones was the 2-yard line. It was down on the 2nd
"They decided it was incomplete on the field, so the play is dead at this point," reigning Fox expert Mike Pereira said on the program. “I thought you might consider giving a touchdown here because if you had this situation on the sideline and they decided the runner got out of hand on the 2 and they saw this on the replay If not, his next move led him to the end zone they could award a touchdown for that game.
"Here's one you haven't talked about before, the player lying on the field on the ground rolling into the end zone. However, if you've decided an incomplete pass, there is usually no progress after that point more."
Evans scored the next game, so the Buccaneers were satisfied. Jones probably wasn't. There was neither someone who had it in their imagination, nor who liked to officiate rationally.
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