A beauty YouTuber filmed her emotional reaction to finding out she was pregnant after 15 years of struggling with infertility

RawBeautyKristi wrote that the day she uploaded her video was "undoubtedly the most exciting day" of her life.
Screenshot Instagram / @ rawbeautykristi, YouTube / RawBeautyKristi
Beauty YouTuber RawBeautyKristi reached two incredible milestones on June 16 - she reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and what's even more exciting is that she announced her pregnancy.
The announcement of an emotional pregnancy came after "15 years with hundreds of doctor's appointments and after being told that we would never get pregnant", and the YouTuber contained an emotional montage of their infertility struggles over the years.
RawBeautyKristi wrote in the video that she filmed her reaction to every pregnancy test she's done in the past 12 years, just in case, and her shock is evident in the 9-minute video.
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Tears flowed freely in the beauty community on Tuesday when RawBeautyKristi uploaded one of her roughest videos to date - an emotional pregnancy announcement. The 9-minute video included a montage of YouTubers about their 15-year fight against infertility, including a clip that was filmed with her husband Zack earlier this year, in which she said that she had finally resigned herself to her would not have children.
But just six days after the couple shot this clip, RawBeautyKristi tested positive for the first time and she filmed her shocked reaction. In the video, she wrote that she has filmed every test reaction over the past 12 years, just in case.
"I had accepted 1000000% that this day would NEVER come and I agreed," she wrote in the video description. "The reaction you see is utter disbelief. I swear ... even when I'm sitting here and writing this, I feel like I'm in a dream. I don't even know when it really feels or when it will sink. "
The same day she uploaded the announcement video, RawBeautyKristi also reached 1 million YouTube subscribers. Other Beauty YouTubers quickly congratulated her on both milestones on Twitter, and the fans also participated.
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RawBeautyKristi has included further details in the video's description of her experience trying to conceive over the past decade and promised that questions and answers will come soon.
"As you can see at the beginning of the video, we have tried YEARS with fertility specialists (reproductive endocrinologist) with Clomid, Femara, HCG injections, ultrasound and never worked," she wrote. "In 2014 we decided to stop trying and live. We didn't want" trying to understand "to be the be-all and end-all of our lives. After 15 years with hundreds of medical appointments and what we were told we would never Realize - This was 12398420938490234290% A complete surprise and shock to us. "
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