A Black Army officer says she was 'profiled' when she was denied entry into a Louisiana casino after her military ID was discredited by an employee

Deja Harrison's driver's license and military ID from Insider. Harrison said she presented both IDs to the employee on October 5. Courtesy Deja Harrison
A Black Army official is pursuing legal action after a Louisiana casino employee denied her entry.
Deja Harrison told Insider the Harrah's New Orleans employee claimed she was not the person on her valid military ID.
A viral video shows Harrison's interaction with the security guard on October 5th.
For Deja Harrison, a visit to a Louisiana casino earlier this month escalated when she said an employee denied her access to the company and stated she was not the person listed on her military ID. Now the 23-year-old US Army lieutenant is taking legal action.
The incident happened on October 5, when Harrison and her stepbrother decided to go to Harrah's New Orleans to celebrate his birthday, NewsNation Now reported.
When the electronic scanner at the casino failed to read her state diving license, she showed the guard her military ID to enter, Harrison told Insider on Wednesday.
"When my driver's license wasn't scanned ... I offered them my military ID so he could examine it," Harrison said. "He immediately looked at my rank and said, 'This ID is fake. It's not you, and there is no way you could have reached that rank in a short period of time.'"
Harrison, a recent Grambling State University graduate, said the employee's remarks were hard to hear, especially after her summer efforts.
“I just commissioned the summer. I just got back from a 38 day workout, sleepless nights, 16 hour days, ran 12 miles a day with heavy equipment and just thought, 'Wow, this man is telling me I didn't,' "she added "I worked so hard to be in the military and be where I am now."
Harrison posted the encounter on Twitter
In addition to both IDs, Harrison showed the guard a pay slip and her vaccination card. She began taping the confrontation and posted the October 5 exchange on Twitter.
"You said I had a fake military ID, right?" said Harrison on the video.
“I'm not saying your ID is fake. I don't think it's you, ”replied the guard.
"That's my face. I'm an E-6. I'm actually a lieutenant now," Harrison explained as she showed the clerk her two valid IDs.
At the end of the video, the agent said he was calling the New Orleans police. WDSU-TV reported that when checking the local 911 database, it did not appear that the casino was calling the police during this period.
Harrison told Insiders she was humiliated and scared while waiting for hours for the police to arrive, but they never did.
"To be honest, I didn't sleep because of that," she said.
Harrah's New Orleans made a long statement on October 7th
Harrah's New Orleans didn't immediately respond to Insider's request for comment, but instead issued a public statement last week stating that staff are checking IDs of guests "who appear to be under 30".
“Our team members are trained to assess identity according to local regulations. In this case, Ms. Harrison, who appeared to be under 30 years of age, presented a Louisiana driver's license that did not clear our electronic verification system, ”the statement said.
The statement went on to say, “When asked for an alternative ID, she presented a military ID, but the information on the ID did not match the information she had given orally to our security officers. Regulations our security officers Ms. Harrison do not have allowed to enter the casino. "
James DeSimone, a lawyer representing Harrison, told Insider that they are "filing a civil rights case on behalf of Lieutenant Harrison and trying to get justice through the courts."
“We believe in our jury system. We believe a jury to hear this will be just as outraged by the way Harrison was treated when she got to Harrah's [and] how they had to wait two hours for fear that this wouldn't end. "" Well when the police showed up, "said DeSimone. "We will hold Lieutenant Harrison accountable through our judicial system."
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