A Black Google employee said he was 'escorted' off the campus by security because they didn't 'believe' he worked there, report says

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A black Google product manager said he was stopped by security and his job in a viral tweet last week.
The clerk said, "Somebody called security because they didn't believe I was an employee."
A Google spokesman told Forbes that they are "taking workers' worries very seriously."
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A black Google employee said he was stopped at his workplace by security after someone reported him.
Angel Onuoha, the company's associate product manager and a recent Harvard University graduate, tweeted that security stopped him and didn't believe he was working for the company, Forbes reported.
"I was riding my bike around the Google campus and someone called security because they didn't believe I was an employee," Onuoha said in the September 20 viral tweet. "I had to be escorted by two security guards to check my ID."
Two days later, Onuoha tweeted that security "later that day took my ID away and was told to call security if I had a problem with it."
-Angel Onuoha (@ angelonuoha7) September 22, 2021
"And that was after I stayed for 30 minutes, which resulted in me missing my bus ride home," he added.
According to Onuoha's LinkedIn profile, he works in Google's Mountain View, California office.
Google and Angel did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. However, a Google spokesman said in a statement to Forbes that the company "takes this employee's concerns very seriously" and contacted him about the incident.
"We learned that the employee had problems with his ID due to an administrative error and we asked the reception team for help," the spokesman told Forbes to help solve the problem.
The statement went on to say, “One step we recently took to reduce badging incidents is to make it clear that employees should leave the investigation of these types of access issues to our security team. Our goal is to make sure that every employee is using Google as an inclusive workplace and that we create a greater sense of belonging for all employees, "said Forbes.
Last year, at the height of anti-racism demonstrations across the country, black Google employees said they were unhappy with the company's response to the protests, Insider previously reported. And in 2019, in a memo that included three ways the company could improve its diversity and inclusion efforts, a former employee said "never stopped feeling the burden of being black on Google."
According to a Gallup report released in 2020, one in four black workers said they had experienced discrimination in their workplace in the past year. Since the pandemic, many black workers have expressed their preference to work from home rather than dealing with personal microaggressions in the office.
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