A Bride Who Expected Her Bridesmaids To Lose Weight, A Groom Who Offered To Pay A Photographer $80, And Even More Entitled Wedding Throwers I Just Can't Believe

1. This bride who not only wanted someone to look better than her but also expected a gift of $ 75 or more:
Please refrain from dwarfing the bride on her big day - oh, and no entry without a gift of $ 75 or more from ChoosingBeggars
2. This bride who made it even better and expected a gift of at least $ 400 or more:
The bride expects everyone to spend $ 400 or more on their wedding favors ... from ChoosingBeggars
3. This bride, who not only chose to marry during the pandemic, but also expected guests to donate up to $ 30,000 to cover the cost of the wedding:
Bride demands 30k from ChoosingBeggars
4. This bride who expected her future DJ to risk her health and also play practically for free at her wedding in exchange for "free reveal":
COVID Bride Town Clerk wants you to join ChoosingBeggars budget meetings for free publicity
5. This newlyweds who kindly accepted help from friends and then immediately requested that they buy special clothes for the event:
The bride and groom ask friends for free work and food, and then request that they purchase special clothing for the wedding from ChoosingBeggars
6. This bride who tried to book a photographer at the last minute and not only expected a discount but also demanded that she learn the old photographer's "style" before the wedding:
The bride wants my photographer friend to learn another photographer's "style" AND basically give her a discount for a wedding that's a few weeks away from ChoosingBeggars
7. That groom who was willing to pay a wedding photographer a whopping $ 80 for a full day's work:
I think I found something here. Photographer for $ 80 that I want. by ChoosingBeggars
8. This bride who literally required the photographer to PAY HER to create her wedding:
The bride tries to force a friend to take pictures for her wedding, insists that he pay HER for the privilege ... by ChoosingBeggars
9. This bride who had a fit because not enough guests showed up with gifts:
CB bride says you should reevaluate it. by ChoosingBeggars
10. This bride who expected all of her bridesmaids to be the exact same size (even if that meant one of them bought and walked 7 inch heels):
CB Bride by ChoosingBeggars
11. This bride and groom who expected their guests to deliver all of the alcohol:
The choice of Beggar's BYOB - except for groom - shotgun wedding. Several posts per day asking for “donations” for both the wedding and the baby shower (excluding the INSANE gift registry) so that they don't have to offer anything to their guests. by ChoosingBeggars
12. This bride who thought it reasonable to ask a designer to make her a dress for only $ 10, including shipping:
Wife wants a $ 10 wedding dress from ChoosingBeggars
13. That bride and groom who didn't even get permission to have their wedding in a certain location - they literally just showed up:
Don't let me ask permission to have my wedding here (God's plan) by ChoosingBeggars
14. This bride who decided to ask people to pay more than $ 1,000 to attend her wedding:
CB asks the people at ChoosingBeggars to pay for their wedding
15. This bride who asked a baker at short notice to bake a super elaborate cake and then insulted her when they said no:
Hey, I know I wasn't worrying about my wedding, but I want you to devote the next 48 hours of your life to it by ChoosingBeggars
16. That groom who asked for a free car on his wedding day and then basically shit all the options people gave him:
Anon doesn't want to drive a free BMW or Tesla to his wedding from ChoosingBeggars
17. This bride who expected her bridesmaids to lose weight for the wedding if they weren't a size 8:
I officially got out of the bridal shower. I'm a size 12 and I don't plan to drop to a size 8 by December. by ChoosingBeggars
18. And finally this bride who completely canceled her wedding because people weren't ready to "donate" a month's rent for her big day:
The bride cancels her wedding because her guests did not "donate" $ 1,500 each to fund the ChoosingBeggars event
What legitimate behavior have you seen from brides and grooms? Tell us in the comments!
H / T: r / ChoosingBeggars.

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