A couple married for 34 years staged an epic 'empty nest' photo shoot

Melyssa Anne Moreno
When Juan and Delila's youngest child moved out, the couple held a photo shoot with an “empty nest”.
The images were modeled from photos of baby announcements in which the couple shared that they were "not expecting children".
The husband and wife plan to travel, spend time with their grandchildren, and vacate their homes.
Juan and Dalila Lopez literally jumped for joy when their last child moved out of their family home in Pharr, Texas that summer. Their youngest, who got married in August, is called Joy.
After 34 years of marriage and raising four children, the Lopezes looked forward to starting the next chapter of their lives as empty nests. To mark the milestone, husband and wife Melyssa commissioned Anne Moreno, a photographer from South Texas, with a creative and carefree photo shoot.
In matching burgundy t-shirts with matching signs describing the time, the husband and wife modeled the shoot based on pregnancy announcements that parents often share on social media.
In one photo, Juan was holding up a large silver balloon in the shape of a zero while Dalila was holding a board that read "0 children are expecting August 2020".
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A couple modeled a photo shoot with an empty nest from pictures with baby announcements
Melyssa Anne Moreno
The couple posed on their motorcycle in multiple takes, which will be an integral part of their plans for this phase of life.
Melyssa Anne Moreno
Delilah and Juan's children live between two and eight hours away from them and plan to travel frequently to visit them and their seven grandchildren.
"Our dream is to find our way to [our children] with the motorhome and to pamper our grandchildren, visit national sites and ride our Harley Davidson down the hills of Texas and meet other 'empty nests' like us", said Delilah to Insider.
Video: This Single Father Learned How To Do Hair For His Daughter
The couple also have big plans on the ground - the plans many parents dream of.
"The best part is that we plan to get our house back," Delilah told Insider. "Our house will now represent us. We love the freedom to do so."
Delilah said she will turn a bedroom into a craft room, break up her closets by giving her kids childhood memorabilia, get rid of extra furniture, and paint the rooms of the house the colors she likes.
Melyssa Anne Moreno
While the Lopezes have made this transition in full swing, it wasn't always all laughter when their kids moved out.
"The hardest part was seeing the first one leave because we weren't ready for the replacement and it hurts," said Delilah. "When the last one left, we were ready for it because we knew our children could have great and productive lives away from home. It will be easier as life goes on."
Melyssa Anne Moreno
For parents who are currently raising children, when things are especially challenging during the pandemic, Delilah recommends being optimistic and loving.
"Family life is very challenging. Remember that one day they will grow up," Delilah told Insider. "Laugh a lot at each other and with one another. Hug them all the time and show them that you are proud of them."
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