A 'dazed' Jeffrey Epstein paced his cell, inquired about the best prison cook, and asked to call his dead mother in his final days, report says

Jeffrey Epstein
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Jeffrey Epstein deceived law enforcement officers and counselors before attempting suicide in his prison cell, according to the New York Times.
The report describes Epstein's final deception in prison after leading a "life of manipulation," according to The Times.
Epstein's final days include asking about the best prison cook and asking to call his dead mother.
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Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein deceived correctional officers, counselors and specially trained inmates who were supposed to monitor him in his prison cell around the clock before he committed suicide, according to a new report.
Documents documenting Epstein's final days were recently revealed in a New York Times report after the newspaper combed through more than 2,000 pages of Federal Bureau of Prisons records obtained after filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.
The report, released Thursday, describes Epstein's final deception in prison after leading what the newspaper calls a "manipulative life".
Epstein, who pleaded guilty to the 2008 Florida indictment of incitement to prostitution involving a minor and a prostitution charge, was jailed while awaiting trial on state sex trafficking charges. He was found dead in his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City on August 10, 2019.
A coroner declared Epstein's death a hanging suicide.
The detailed notes and documents reviewed by The Times were compiled by those who interacted with Epstein during his incarceration. The report shows how he dodged psychologists and administrators by convincing them they had much to live on, while also showing signs of concern to his fellow inmates.
According to the report, here are some of the most interesting moments in Epstein's final days:
Epstein was described as "drugged and withdrawn" by a facility assistant at the prison upon his arrival. She recommended that he do an initial psychological exam that day, but it was several days before Epstein saw anyone.
Epstein "spent his nights pacing his cell, sleeping restlessly, and talking to other inmates, according to handwritten notes from those who watched him," the report said.
In a conversation with another inmate, Epstein is said to have talked about "the escort business" and well-known celebrities.
Epstein had conversations with other inmates about "prison life and etiquette".
One inmate recorded a conversation with Epstein in which he asked who was the best cook in the prison.
While meeting a psychologist for a suicide risk assessment, Epstein described himself as a "banker with a 'big business'" and said "being alive is fun," according to documents viewed by The Times.
Epstein repeatedly told others he was not suicidal. One psychologist described him as "forward-looking". Epstein referred to himself as a "coward" and said he does not like pain and therefore would not commit suicide, the report said.
Epstein often complained about the running toilet in his cell. "He said he sat in the corner and covered his ears," wrote a psychologist in one of the documents. Epstein thought he might have autism and stated that Dustin Hoffman's autistic character in the movie "Rain Man" had an aversion to noise, according to the report.
On the night of his attempted suicide, Epstein lied to prison officials and asked to call his mother. His mother died in 2004. Instead, Epstein called his girlfriend Karyna Shuliak, the Times reported. The 15-minute call was not recorded properly and does not appear to have been recorded by the prison. Shuliak declined to comment to the Times about her attorney.
One inmate who shared the cell next to Epstein reportedly told a kitchen worker, “Jeffrey Epstein definitely killed himself. Any conspiracy theory to the contrary is ridiculous, ”the report said. The man had heard Epstein "tear his sheets up before he committed suicide," the kitchen worker wrote in an email to the Times Psychology Department.
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