A Dietitian Breaks Down the Best Spices and Herbs For Digestion

Ginger root and powder, studio shot.
Eating delicious meals with friends and family is one of my favorite things to do, especially on vacation. But a festive dinner can quickly worsen due to unpleasant digestive problems such as gas or constipation.
I had a chat with Registered Nutritionist and Daily Harvest Consultant Amy Shapiro about how to incorporate spices and herbs into my diet that will promote a healthy bowel and possibly even help prevent some of these nasty problems. She broken down the digestive benefits of three spices and three herbs, and also provided some advice on how to add them to the menu in your daily life.
If you are intimidated by ingredients you might not be familiar with, like dandelion root, Shapiro suggested making tea with them. "You just drag the ingredients either fresh, dry, ground or in a tea bag into hot water and sip when you feel you need assistance," she told me. Ginger and turmeric are a bit more versatile and can be used in smoothies, stir-fries, and chicken soup.
Read on for Shapiro's full list as well as its gut health benefits. Remember, these are not panaceas. If you're struggling with bowel problems, it's always a good idea to speak to a doctor.
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I ate vegetables for breakfast every day for a month
Increases the regularity and mobility of the intestine
Prevents constipation
Relieves nausea
Increases bile and saliva production to improve motility in the digestive system
Relaxes the muscles in the GI tract to minimize discomfort
Stimulates digestion
Prevents bad gut bacteria and potential ulcers
Can stimulate faster digestion and metabolism
Dandelion root
Stimulates the digestive enzymes
Soothes the GI tract
Detoxifies the liver
Reduces bloating
Helps with symptoms of indigestion
Minimizes gas and bloating
Helps relax the GI tract
Prevents cramps
Promotes easier digestive motility
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