A dozen Russian occupiers exhumed near Kharkiv, some killed by fellow Russians

The bodies of the Russian occupiers are found in the village of Mala Rogan
Russia's war against Ukraine - the most important events of the 20th century
Bodies have been found in wooded groves, gardens and latrine pits, and some show signs of having died in a fire of their own.
Anton Ivannikov, an officer of the Kharkiv Task Force, found a grave of a buried Russian soldier on the territory of an apartment building. Next to the grave itself was a piece of cardboard with an inscription (probably by locals): “Here is buried a Russian occupier – Namchal Artysh Oolovich, July 22, 1998, Republic of Tuva”.
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Ivannikov extorted a helmet and bulletproof vest from the grave, as well as a Russian bank card.
"For us, not only the cards are important, it's the things that can help identify the body and belonging in the Russian Federation," Ivannikov said.
Two other bodies were found in a sewer. They were covered with sand.
These bodies appear to have belonged to tank crews - appropriate stripes can be seen on their uniforms. They are removed with ropes from a depth of five feet, which took about an hour. One of the Russians has his hands tied behind his back and a gunshot wound to the head. Ivannikov says the invaders may have killed them because they tried to desert or refused to fight.
The bodies are then loaded into ambulances and taken to a morgue so experts can analyze the remains, note any peculiarities, and determine the exact cause of death. At the request of the Russian side, they are also taking samples of genetic material for further verification.
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After three days of work in Mala Rohan, the Ukrainian military exhumed 12 dead Russian soldiers. Ukraine is trying to swap the bodies of Russian soldiers for their own dead and living survivors.

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