A family of 6 built dynamic and sleek homes out of shipping containers and rents them for more than $300 a night

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The Hygge Box Hop is one of four houses with box hop. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Seth and Emily Britt of Hocking Hills, Ohio have designed a series of container cabins called The Box Hop.
Guests can stay in one of these cozy and modern rentals from $300 a night.
Take a peek inside The OG Box Hop, The BoHo Box Hop, and The Hygge Box container homes.
Seth and Emily Britt, who have been married for almost a decade, have built three container homes under their rental company The Box Hop in Hocking Hills, Ohio.
The Britts, who met in 2012 and married a year later, launched The Box Hop, a collection of elegant homes built from stacked shipping containers, in December 2018.
Seth, 32, and Emily, 34, told Insiders they both had some real estate experience — they renovated a semi-detached home together in 2012 — but it wasn't until early 2018 that they decided to take the leap of faith.
"We were trying to figure out our next step with investing and real estate," Emily said. “Honestly, we kept getting outbid by cash buyers and the market just kept going up. So Seth was like, 'What about that shipping container idea I had in college?'”
Realizing the potential of shipping containers, Seth came up with the idea of ​​converting them into apartments while studying and working at FedEx.
Seth and Emily Britt are standing in front of one of their container houses. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Seth said the idea for shipping containers came about while he was a student at Ohio State University in the late 2000s. He worked the night shift at FedEx helping to load products into shipping containers and realized how versatile they could be.
"I thought, 'What do houses look like in shipping containers? What could that be?'” Emily said.
The ambitious idea turned into three separate shipping container homes settled on a large lot. So far the Britts - who have four children - have built The OG Box Hop, The BoHo Box Hop and The Hygge Box Hop. Most recently, the Britts completed construction of The Roca Box Hop.
The Britts tackled their first shipping container home - The OG Box Hop - in July 2018 and completed the project in five months.
The OG Box Hop in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
The OG Box Hop combines three shipping containers: two side by side on the ground floor and a third container facing in the opposite direction above. The containers were stacked in July 2018 and the whole project was completed in December.
"I had in mind a container, maybe one or two, with sleeping bags on the floor or something," Seth said. “But Emily designed something very different than that. It surprised me when we started building.”
The OG Box Hop was originally valued at $300,000, but the Britts were able to build the house for around $220,000. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and can accommodate six guests at a time.
When Emily designed The OG Box Hop's unique yet functional floor plan, she wanted to emphasize the corrugated iron and the modern idea of ​​the container.
Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Emily told Insider that she designed the floor plans for all three properties.
"In Hocking Hills, we were used to seeing a lot of rustic log cabins, and I thought it would be unique to highlight the fact that the houses are metal and look more modern," she said. "I envisioned something so different than what people would normally see in this area."
She said deciding the final shape of the shipping containers is like playing Tetris.
"You only have a limited number of walls to work in, and the containers are like an enforced footprint," she said. "From there you just do what feels functional and good."
Seth said once the shipping containers were in place, the construction process mimicked that of a traditional home.
The shipping containers were stacked, two on the bottom and one on top. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Seth explained that after the shipping containers were placed in the right place, he and Emily worked with contracted construction companies to build the home to meet local codes.
While the contractors completed tasks that required a licensed professional, Seth and Emily worked on other necessary jobs, like cutting space for the windows.
"A lot of traditional construction methods still apply to container homes," Seth said, pointing to insulation and plumbing. The OG Box Hop includes modern amenities such as air conditioning, heating, electricity, hot water, cable TV and WiFi.
After construction, Emily was responsible for the interior design of the entire house.
The living room and kitchen of the OG Box Hop. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Upon entering through the front door, guests are greeted by a spacious living room decorated with pristine white walls and a set of glass doors. The glass doors help illuminate the space, offer views of the nearby nature and lead onto the ground floor terrace.
Emily told Insider that she wanted to "honor" the aesthetic of the shipping container so the blankets still have the original corrugated design. Much of the interior is adorned with modern flair.
The living room leads directly into the kitchen with an oven, farmhouse sink and lively fridge.
The OG Box Hop's kitchen has a light colored fridge to complement the white and black theme. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
The couple installed a bright orange fridge that adds a pop of color to the white and dark gray kitchen.
The first floor bedroom is near the front door and the main bathroom is near.
The bathroom has tiled walls that match the bathtub. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
The bedroom on the first floor leads to the main bathroom with shower head, bath, toilet and washbasin.
If you go up the spiral staircase to the second floor, you will find a small reading area and a second outdoor terrace.
There is an outdoor terrace on the second floor. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Opposite the reading nook is a garage door that guests can manually raise to access the second floor terrace. The outdoor deck features fairy lights, a hot tub, and a BBQ grill.
The second floor also has two more bedrooms with unparalleled views
Both upstairs bedrooms have incredible views. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Walk past the reading nook and you'll find two bedrooms, both with floor-to-ceiling windows. A second bathroom with shower is located on the opposite side of the reading area.
After finding success renting The OG Box Hop, Seth and Emily decided to build a second property called The BoHo Box Hop.
An image of the BoHo Box. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Emily told Insider that she and Seth decided to do a smaller unit for a more intimate experience.
"It's far enough away to have privacy but still on the same property that could accommodate couples or small families who don't need a lot of space," she said. "So we decided to keep the momentum going and go with the BoHo."
Construction of The BoHo Box Hop began in June 2019 and ended in December 2019 - exactly one year after The OG Box Hop.
The BoHo Box was built three years ago, in 2019. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
This house has a large shipping container as its base and a smaller container on top.
The BoHo Box Hop cost around $180,000 to build.
The Britts followed a similar build process to The OG Box Hop but said it was easier the second time around.
A picture of a shipping container during construction of The BoHo Box Hop. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Emily and Seth agreed that the construction of The BoHo Box Hop was smoother than The OG Box Hop.
“That's when we felt like we were starting to find a groove. We've never built a home up to the OG, so we learned a lot of hard lessons, but also things that went really well," Seth said. "We learned that we should buy a plasma cutter and place specific orders to save time."
Emily also directed interior design for The Boho Box Hop.
The BoHo Box Hop is meant to be more intimate than the other box hop builds. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
As Seth noted, Emily used a different aesthetic and motif in The BoHo Box Hop than in The OG Box Hop.
"It was cool to see Emily take a very different approach to design," Seth said. "Not reinventing the exact same house, but a completely different look."
"We had this modern, sleek look for the OG," Emily said. "When we went to Boho, I just felt like it needed to be a little more sassy and romantic for couples or small families."
Guests first see a wood-burning stove in the kitchen as they enter The BoHo Box Hop.
The house features a mix of color and pentagonal tiles on the wall. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
The wall behind the stove is a mix of light pink color and white pentagonal tiles that add texture to the house. The dark green cabinets with gold accents match the seating area near the front door.
While the farmhouse sink and intricate design draw guests into the space, the picture window offers a glimpse of the outdoors.
The kitchen then leads to the dining room, which features a foldable wooden table and a comfortable seating area that doubles as a pull-out bed.
The bathroom -- with wood and gold accents -- is also on the first floor.
The bathroom features a skylight over the bath. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
A pink door opens into the bathroom, where a mix of wood, tile, paint and floral patterns cover the walls.
Guests can wash in a porcelain clawfoot tub or with the overhead shower. A skylight is installed above the tub.
Use the black staircase to reach the master bedroom and an outdoor patio.
The outdoor terrace offers incredible views of the property. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
The stairwell leads to the second floor, where the Britts have placed the main bed.
The king-size bed is nestled between two large windows and a skylight, allowing guests to enjoy the outdoors. The walls are white while the roof is painted light.
The master bedroom and stairwell feature three rectangular windows that give the home a whimsical vibe. The outside terrace is down the hall from the master bedroom.
A second outdoor area with a jacuzzi is on the first floor.
The BoHo Box Hop's backyard has firewood for the fireplace. Courtesy of Seth and Emily Britt
Guests can step outside to a wood-floored patio with a hot tub and fairy lights. To the left of the hot tub is a seating area with a wood-burning fireplace.
Next, the Britts built The Hygge Box Hop after completing The OG Box Hop and The BoHo Box Hop.
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