A Florida cop just took a selfie — with an alligator sticking out of the sewer

Alligators are ubiquitous in Florida. We have seen them in shopping malls, front doors, post offices, gas stations. And yes, gutters.
Over in Palm Bay, Brevard County, a local patrol officer, Cassandra "CJ" Woronka, spotted one half-in and half-out.
An alligator somehow ended up in a gully in Miami. See how it came out
The frightening but unusual sight - the body almost on the street, the jaws open - prompted Woronka to do what is taken for granted in the cell phone era: take a selfie.
"If you just try to take a normal channel selfie and you get bombarded with a photo bomb," joked the post with the hashtag #welcometoflorida. "At least he smiled."
The post ends with the words: "No animals (or officers) were injured in the making of this photo."
Social media users couldn't help but make fun of themselves with comments like “Nice that the alligator smiled for the camera” and “This one looks like he's giggling with anticipation”.
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Another Twitter user posted a clown emoji over the alligator's face reminiscent of Stephen King's creepy underground figure Pennywise.
Seriously, the PBPD's tweet also encourages people to call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's hotline to report pesky alligators to 866-FWC-Gator.
The PBPD told the Miami Herald on Friday that a trapper had removed the unwanted visitor from the area.

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