A former Washington high school is on the market for $699,000, and it comes with a restored basketball gym and theater stage— check it out

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The exterior of the building.TourMyHome.com
A 1908 former high school in Latah, Washington is on the market for $699,000.
The school has been converted into a five bedroom home with a restored gymnasium and theater stage.
It is currently owned by a non-profit organization that has used it as a temporary shelter for victims of human trafficking.
Perched on a hill overlooking the city of Latah, Washington is a former high school converted into a home - and on the market for $699,000.
The exterior of the building.TourMyHome.com
The entire property, known as the Latah School or Union High School, is listed on a 1.43-acre lot in Latah, Washington.
Constructed in 1908, the main building is one of the "oldest, largest, and best preserved rural brick schoolhouses in the Palouse farming region of southeastern Spokane County," according to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).
The last group of students graduated in 1958, and the school was converted into a space for community events and town meetings, according to the NRHP. The property was finally vacated in 1961 and has changed hands several times since then.
The building is now owned by HRC Ministries, a nonprofit that uses the space as temporary housing for victims of human trafficking, listing agent Connie Newman told Insider.
The living area.TourMyHome.com
HRC Ministries was originally founded in 2015 as an outreach ministry but has evolved over time into an anti-trafficking organisation, according to their website.
The former school building was used as a safe house for women who survived human trafficking to live in, Jennifer Tillotson, development director at HRC Ministries, told Insider.
The estate is a place where they could get counseling and learn new skills to reintegrate into society, she added.
"We originally bought the property for its rural location and large living space," Tillotson said.
One of the rooms in the house.TourMyHome.com
The two-story Latah School covers a total of 15,880 square feet, according to the listing.
"Because we work with trafficking victims, we thought it would be great for their recovery to have a place to rest and relax while they have a large room to themselves," Tillotson said.
The organization purchased the Latah School building in 2019, according to the listing history. They initially listed the property for sale in March 2022 for $749,000 before lowering the price to $699,000 in July.
Homes in Latah, Washington have an average listing price of $450,000, according to data from real estate platform Realtor.com.
The $699,000 former school is the only single family home for sale in the area. All three other active listings are land related and their prices range from $30,000 to $175,000 per Realtor.com.
HRC Ministries is selling Latah School after deciding to move the shelter closer to town.
The Kitchen.TourMyHome.com
The property is about 45 minutes' drive from Spokane, a major city in Washington State, according to Google Maps.
"We underestimated the number of women who would need emergency services on a daily basis, so we needed to move closer to town," Tillotson said.
Latah School has five bedrooms, six bathrooms and two large family rooms that were once classrooms.
One of the bathrooms in the house.TourMyHome.com
The property has undergone renovations in recent years -- most of which was completed by the previous owners, who converted the space into a family home and rented wedding venue, listing agent Newman said.
"During our ownership, we have kept everything as the previous owners left it, including the WWII items in the basement," Tillotson said. This includes medical supplies, dry food and other emergency items.
HRC Ministries has also undertaken some structural refurbishment including the installation of a new roof and sewer line as stated in the listing.
The grammar school was added to the main Latah School building in 1920. It was restored in 2000 with repainted walls and a repainted solid maple floor.
The Gym.TourMyHome.com
At one end of the gym is a basketball hoop while the other end is a theater stage.
"The ladies used the gym to relieve stress and connect with the staff and each other by working out, playing basketball and listening to music," Tillotson said.
It was also a place where they could have fun and sing out loud, she added.
Because of the property's development license, prospective owners can either live in it or use it for business ventures such as short-term rentals, Newman said.
The theater stage.TourMyHome.com
An ideal buyer would be someone who considers what the community and area may need, Newman said.
"It will be someone who appreciates this building, takes care of it and makes it a thriving property in this area," she said.
She has also taken inquiries from several interested parties who are considering opening the gym to proms and community events and meetings, she added.
"This property helped fulfill our mission because it was a place of peace for the ladies to escape to," Tillotson said.
One of the rooms in the house.TourMyHome.com
"For some, it was even hard to accept that they were worth the cost of living there because of the awesome look and feel and what they produced," Tillotson said.
Since most women came from lives where they were crushed for years, ownership allowed them to feel safe, worthy and special, she added.
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