A Frontier Airlines pilot accused of secretly recording a Florida student with a spy camera has been arrested, police say

The 55-year-old was arrested for breaking into an occupied room and once for attempted video voyeurism. Markus Mainka / Shutterstock.com
A Frontier Airlines pilot was arrested for spying on a Florida college student.
The suspect was charged with cutting a hole in the student's window to record her, the WKMG reported.
He is threatened with an apartment break-in and attempted video voyeurism.
A Frontier Airlines pilot has been charged with charges of capturing a 19-year-old Florida college student with a hidden spy camera in her home, university police said.
Vernon Dwayne Crider, the 55-year-old suspect, was charged with cutting a tiny hole in the woman's window to accommodate her, the WKMG first reported.
Crider was arrested by the University of Central Florida (UCF) police after the student discovered the camera in the window of her apartment in The Pointe at Central apartment complex, according to an arrest certificate received from the New York Post.
"The camera's lens was aimed at her bedroom," was the confirmation. "The victim believed that a person had placed the spy camera outside their bedroom window to be secretly taped in their bedroom, where they had a reasonable expectation of privacy."
Police said the spy camera recorded for more than two hours before it was discovered in The New York Post.
The student's mother was interviewed by the WKMG. "She was crying and very desperately told me that she was in her bedroom and saw a flashing green light outside her window," she told the point of sale.
Frontier Airlines did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
According to the WKMG, the student ran outside to inquire about the green flashing light and discovered the camera "about the size of a cigarette lighter".
Her mother told the point of sale that the only reason she found it was because it rained that night and the camera happened to restart.
Police said they learned Crider's identity after receiving a SIM card from the recording device that contained a collection of photos of what appeared to be an airline cockpit and a hotel room, the New York Post reported.
It added that a deleted photo retrieved from the card also showed a legal settlement including Crider's signature, according to police.
Crider faces a case of burglary into an occupied room and a case of attempted video voyeurism, the WKMG reported.
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