A Gay Man Is Behind Tucker Carlson's Hate-Filled Agenda, LGBTQ Journalist Writes

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According to veteran journalist Michelangelo Signorile, the executive producer of Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, which has a habit of demonizing LGBTQ people and inciting hatred, is an out-gay man.
The information is shocking given Carlson's feelings about the community -- and especially given the recent violence in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Last week, days after a gunman killed five people at a gay nightclub there, Carlson hosted a guest who started the so-called Gays Against Groomers hate group. The guest, Jaimee Michell, said the attack in Colorado was "anticipated and predictable" and suggested anti-LGBTQ violence would continue "until we end this evil agenda" of gender-affirming care.
The following day, Carlson attacked Democrat Pete Buttigieg for speaking out about the shooting, claiming the transportation secretary "lied" about his sexuality by not coming out publicly sooner.
In recent years, Carlson has peddled false, fear-inducing narratives about "groomers," trans people, and drag queen stories, supported an onslaught of hostile laws and policies targeting LGBTQ people, and embraced harmful tropes that have led to an increase in harassment, threats and violence against their community. And Carlson's history of homophobia goes back years before that.
Behind Carlson's promotion of this rhetoric on the nation's most-watched television show is Justin Wells, executive producer of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" and vice president of Tucker Carlson Digital Products. According to Wells' website, he leads the entire Tucker Carlson team across platforms.
"It is beyond appalling to believe that a gay man helped formulate and widely spread a message of hatred against LGBTQ people," wrote Signorile, a Sirius XM host, former HuffPost Gay Voices editor and contributor the Association of LGBTQ Journalists Hall of Fame.
"However, this story isn't about a warped closet plagued by self-loathing who hides his true self while lashing out at people like him. And so this story isn't an outing about exposing someone who is covering up their sexual orientation while publicly presenting themselves as straight — though it certainly may come as a surprising revelation to many. Rather, it's about connecting the dots of a reality that seems to have hidden from view.”
Wells has been married to another man for nearly a decade, according to Signorile, and they openly celebrated their nuptials with family and friends.
On his show, Carlson often has members of minority groups he denigrates -- like the "Gays Against Groomers" talking head -- who support his agenda against their communities. Wells' leadership, Signorile argued, only served to further encourage Carlson and give him permission and validation for defaming LGBTQ people.
Wells did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Read Signorile's coverage in his substack newsletter, The Signorile Report.
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Michelangelo Signorile
American journalist, author and talk radio host

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