A horror movie filmed on Zoom with a budget of $0 topped the US box office last week

Indeed, these are strange times. With the standstill of the film industry, there were always some smaller names in the spotlight - but that's ridiculous. Unsubscribe, a horror film that was literally shot on zoom without a budget, has surpassed the US box office.
In the film - by actor Eric Tabach and filmmaker Christian Nilsson - five YouTubers take part in a video conference call before their chat is interrupted by a disturbing person. It only takes half an hour, each actor volunteers and works for free. The film can be borrowed from Vimeo.
So how did it top the box office? Obviously, a lack of competition helped, as did a gap in the film industry that allowed Unsubscribe to reach number one at the box office: four walls.
"There are four walls when distributors rent a movie theater and buy all the seats," Rabach told the BBC. "So they pay a flat fee to the theater, and any money they make on seats goes straight into their pockets." The moment we realized that this was a distribution option, we decided to do it. "
While the couple couldn't see a cent in revenue thanks to the tactics, they "earned" $ 25,000 (through Box Office Mojo) on June 10 because the couple rented a theater and bought tickets for an empty show. Rabach admits that they “made a slight loss” in the film with the four-walled gap, but the fact remains: a film without a budget was at the box office, no matter how short. Your move, Chris Nolan.
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