A London 'skinny home' measuring less than 10 feet wide is on sale for $1 million. Take a look inside.

The "thin home" in Brixton in south London seen from the side. Ed O'Donnell
London-based interior designer Ed O'Donnell has put a "thin house" just 9 feet by 8 inches wide for sale.
O'Donnell and his partner JP Banks bought the property in 2015 for £ 489,000 ($ 649,350) and spent a year renovating it.
O'Donnell worked hard to maximize space, move the stairs, extend the ceilings, and add a walk-in closet.
After living there for five years, O'Donnell and Banks are now selling the house to spend time between London and Somerset.
The house is on the market for £ 775,000 ($ 1.03 million).
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A "thin house" in London just 9 feet and 8 inches wide is currently on sale for $ 1 million.
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London-based interior designer Ed O'Donnell bought the Brixton home with partner JP Banks in 2015 for £ 489,000 ($ 649,350). Despite the property's narrow width, the interior designer renovated the house into a stylish oasis with two bedrooms, a small courtyard, and even a walk-in closet.
The house is on two floors and is currently on the market for £ 775,000 ($ 1.03 million). After five years on the property, O'Donnell has decided to spend his time between another home in London and Bruton, Somerset.
O'Donnell is half of the award-winning UK interior design studio Angel O'Donnell. Their main goal is "to mess things up," co-founder Richard Angel told Insider.
They used O'Donnell's creative skills and Angel's background in surveying and real estate development and worked together on this personal project.
This is what Brixton's "thin home" looks like from the inside.
This is what the property looked like before it was converted. When O'Donnell first discovered the property, he described it as "the worst house on a beautiful street".
The house, which dates from the Victorian era, is only 9 feet and 8 inches wide. Ed O'Donnell
When he first saw the property, he said it was "basically a dump". O'Donnell bought the property in 2015 for £ 489,000 ($ 649,350).
"It was all completely wrong and it was done cheaply," he told Insider. Although he didn't quite love it at first sight, he could see that the property had huge potential.
The house is part of a series of Victorian townhouses in the Lambeth Conservation Area listing homes and landmarks in the area that are protected for heritage reasons.
"We were just going through what the potential might be and in fact it has given up more potential than it initially seemed," he said.
This is how the house now looks from the outside, painted in a deep shade of blue, which can also be found in the interior
The front door is on the side of the house. Ed O'Donnell
O'Donnell lived in the room for six months before starting the renovation and quickly realized that the stairs needed to be moved
The stairs have been removed from their original location. Taran Wilkhu
During this time, O'Donnell and Banks really thought about how they would actually use the space. O'Donnell and Angel always advise clients to live in the room first so that "they can get a feel for many things".
"We came up with a lot of different scenarios because the front door is on the side and the stairs were in the front of the house that snaked into the living area. The bathroom was on one side of the hallway, which didn't have natural light, so were these are the most important things we needed to get to grips with in terms of spatial planning, "said O'Donnell.
O'Donnell added that it was important to find the right layout first because "then we can really start working".
The renovations took a year and included moving the stairs from the back of the house to the center - which has become a focal point of the property
The stairs are the focal point of the accommodation and are made of sturdy metal plates and steel. Taran Wilkhu
O'Donnell strove to maximize as much space as possible during the renovation.
They essentially had to start from scratch, which meant building a new roof, installing a new bathroom, flooring, and kitchen. They also had to relocate the stairs from their original location to the center of the property, which "creates the feeling that there is an entrance hall when there is none".
The "floating" staircase was created off-site and is made of sturdy metal plates attached to steel bars so that it can rest on its counterweight - meaning there is no jump when someone is using it.
The house has two bedrooms. O'Donnell also made some structural additions, including a storage space to the rear of the property
The first bedroom with storage space in the background. Taran Wilkhu
O'Donnell wanted to "squeeze as much space out of this house as possible".
To achieve this, they added vaulted ceilings at the top to make the rooms feel much higher and more breathable. This also made it possible to build a second staircase and a work room.
There is also a second flight of stairs that leads to a sleeping platform in the office space of the house
The stairs are made of wooden panels and also serve as storage space. Taran Wilkhu
The use of white is minimal and is only found in certain rooms such as the bathroom and on high ceilings
The bathroom. Taran Wilkhu
The interior of the house has a "mixture of different influences"
The living area is decorated in different colors. Taran Wilkhu
Rather than having a "house style", the house contains a mix of different influences that are interrelated, including mid-century America's' 40s and 50s design movement. They also ensured that some of the property's original Victorian characters were retained.
The deli-style kitchen is open plan with blue tones and white marble counters
The kitchen also has a dining area for entertaining guests. Taran Wilkhu
For O'Donnell it was important to have "the largest possible dining area in the kitchen".
On the ground floor of the house you will find parquet floors, which give the house a "rustic" flair. "It had to be a floor where we wouldn't ask anyone at dinner parties to take off their shoes, and I'm really clumsy - so it didn't matter what happened to it, it looked rough and fell over anyway." he said.
O'Donnell's favorite part of the house is ... everywhere
The house is divided into different rooms but still offers a complete view from one end to the other. Taran Wilkhu
"Both upstairs and downstairs are a real luxury I think when you look front to back in both," he said.
"You can sit really comfortably in the living room ... and then be very happy to see what's going on in the kitchen. But then there are people in the garden too. It's classic," Angel said of the "very sociable" home. Design.
A "half wall" also slightly separates the living room from the rest of the room on the ground floor. This helps to give the property a broken feel without completely cutting off the space from the rest of the property.
O'Donnell says this is not a family home and it is not intended for that
The versatile work area with a sleeping platform above. Taran Wilkhu
There has been great interest in the property since entering the market. Even those who saw it but weren't particularly suited praised the smart use of space and the homely interior.
For O'Donnell and his partner, they didn't want to "create a white box that can be sold in five years", but rather create a house.
And although they have many memories in the five years they lived there, O'Donnell and Banks now choose to split their time between another house in London and the town of Bruton in Somerset. "It's time for a new adventure," O'Donnell told Insider.
"I love the house and I love what we did," said O'Donnell.
O'Donnell (left) and his partner JP Banks (right) are sitting in the kitchen and dining area of ​​the house. Taran Wilkhu
"It feels really good. This is so important in buying a property that it feels like it was loved and quieter at the end of the day," said Angel.
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