A man in Texas told someone he matched with on Bumble that he attended the US Capitol riot where the FBI says he attacked police with a metal whip. They turned him in.

Taake is accused of attacking the police with a metal whip. FBI
A man in Texas was charged this week with violating the US Capitol.
The criminal complaint states that someone who matched him on the Bumble dating app reported him.
He is at least the second rioter charged to have been arrested for online dating, among other things.
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A man in Texas was arrested after boasting during a match on an online dating app that he was born on Jan.
According to a July 21 criminal complaint, the Federal Bureau of Investigation received a tip on January 9 from someone who had been chatting with Andrew Quentin Taake on Bumble. In an exchange, Taake described being sprayed with pepper spray: "I was the very first person to be sprayed that day while just standing there," he claimed.
Federal authorities accuse him of doing a lot more. In the ad, an FBI agent accused him of attacking the police and storming the US Capitol.
In fact, images on social media show Taake "using what appears to be a metal whip and pepper spray to attack police officers," the complaint said.
Andrew Quentin Taake's bumble match earned him days after the January 6 riot. FBI
The FBI-verified police body camera footage also shows Taake using the pepper spray on officials outside the U.S. Capitol. About 45 minutes later, Taake emerged from the crowd of rioters and can be seen "hitting officers with a weapon that appears to be a whip," according to the criminal complaint.
Security footage taken near the US Senate then shows Taake parading outside the Chamber "openly holding the whip-like weapon" which the FBI said was likely a metal self-defense tool available online.
A device similar to that shown in the complaint, which is currently available from Amazon, is sold as an automotive safety device designed to break window panes in the event of an accident. The description states that it is "not a product that is intended to be used as a blunt weapon".
Taake is identified on the billing document as a co-owner of Hi-Flow Houston, a cleaning and pressure washer service. Federal agents received a warrant to search the phone number listed on the company's Facebook page, which matched the cell phone Taake used to book his flight to Washington, DC. The records show that it was connected to cellular sites that would be used from inside the Capitol.
Public posts on Taake's Facebook page, which have been verified by insiders, show an obvious interest in right-wing politics. In one post he responded to news of a caravan of Central American migrants alleging terrorist infiltration by describing it as "an open invasion". In another, he says Carter Page, a former advisor to former President Donald Trump who met with Russian agents during the 2016 campaign, "should be well on the way to sue DNC's pants over alleged collusion".
Taake is alleged to have tried to obstruct the work of law enforcement agencies; Entering a restricted building where the Vice President was located; and causing a disturbance during a session of Congress.
It is at least the second time that a man accused of participating in the riot has been reported from a Bumble match. In April, Robert Chapman was arrested from New York after telling a woman on the dating app, "I stormed the Capitol."
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