A McDonald’s worker paid for a mother’s meal after she forgot her purse, so she paid him back in a big way

An Ohio mother's encounter with a McDonald's worker went viral after the worker did not hesitate to pay for her family's meal.
On September 22, Brittany Reed visited the Let's Talk About Waynesville, Ohio Facebook page to share her experience at the fast food chain.
The mother had apparently left soccer practice with her three children when her 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter started crying. According to Reed, her daughter was unhappy that Reed had planned to serve red potatoes for dinner. The mother said she then decided to eat at McDonald's instead.
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The only problem? Reed left her purse at home.
"Welcome, now I wanted to cry," Reed wrote in her post, which has since been shared over 560,000 times. “I look at the young man [the cashier] with tears in my eyes just because I'm stressed and upset and I say, 'I'm so sorry, but I have to cancel this order. I left my purse at home when we went to soccer tonight. "Without hesitation he takes out his wallet and steals his card before I can even say," No, I'll be right back! "
When Reed told the cashier, who identified her as Wyatt Jones, that she would return to the fast food chain to pay for the meal, Jones allegedly told her not to worry.
"I just want his parents to know how kind and compassionate your son was tonight!" Reed continued on Facebook. “He paused this stressed mom for a moment and realized that this is exactly what we parents are trying to do to raise great people. Well Wyatt, sir, you are an amazing person !!! "
In an interview with In The Know, Reed explained how grateful she was for Jones' kind gesture.
"With the emotions of the moment, I almost cried to be honest, but Wyatt was so incredibly nice," she said. "He didn't skip a beat at all. He pulled out his wallet like it wasn't a big deal."
Reed wrote on Facebook that she finally convinced Jones to let her repay him - but not without a bit of persistence. After learning that the cashier was saving on a car she decided to go the extra mile by creating a GoFundMe for him. As of October 7, she has raised nearly $ 35,000 from more than 2,000 donors.
"I was able to connect with his mom and make sure they were okay, that we were going to start a GoFundMe," she told In The Know. "She said she was okay with that and let Wyatt know and he was so shocked."
Reed added that she planned to give Jones the money during a McDonald's ceremony that would honor him for his kind gesture. She said she was overwhelmed with the support she and the cashier received.
"I honestly didn't expect this to go the way it is!" She said. "I honestly posted on our local [community] 's' Let's Talk' page because I was hoping it would get through to his parents so they could hear how amazing their kid was because at the end of the day it is everything we really want as parents: to raise good people. "
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The Post A McDonald's employee paid for a mother's meal after she forgot her purse, and she paid it back on a large scale. She first appeared in In The Know.

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