A mom put Cheerios in a blender to create edible sand and parents are loving it

A video on TikTok of a mother who mixes Cheerios in edible sand is widely distributed among parents.
Children tend to eat sand in sandboxes and on the beach, which can be contaminated and also pose a choking hazard. This tactic reduces these risks.
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The weather is warm, but many activities are prohibited for children due to corona virus-related restrictions. Even in places where playgrounds and beaches are open, some parents may not feel comfortable yet.
This is especially true for parents with young children, as children are less likely to wear masks and are more likely to put things in their mouths.
This is probably why a sand hack shared by a mother on TikTok is gaining in importance among parents over the Internet.
@elleannachristine shared a video placing Cheerios in a blender and using the ground cereal as sand for her child.
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The video has been shared more than 2.6 million times.
This edible concept is also helpful beyond a pandemic, since sand on beaches - and especially in sandboxes - can contain impurities. If taken in large quantities, it can also pose a choking hazard for children.
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"Usually, sand intake can be harmless," said Dr. Randi Nelson, a pediatrician who practices in New York, told Romper last year. "However, sand in a sandpit or even on the beach can contain fecal matter and become a haven for bacteria, especially when the sand is wet."
@elleannachristine recently shared another edible activity for her daughter. She boiled watermelon and added sugar, creating a nice and edible liquid for her daughter to put toys in and drink from.
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