A Mom Stayed Out All Night, Refusing To Answer The Babysitter's Calls. The Babysitter Called The Cops And Now DCF Is Involved. Who Is The A-Hole In This Situation?

A popular subreddit called "Am I the Asshole?" is an opinion-based forum where people ask if they are an asshole for how they dealt with certain situations. We recently featured one in which a woman's colleague wanted her to give her some of her vacation days - and today we have a new one to discuss.
Let's go: A 28-year-old woman babysat for a mother who constantly disregards her time by constantly being late. On the Reddit thread, the babysitter says, "I should definitely have been upset by now, but the kids are cute and if I don't have another job it's easy money. I would babysit so she can go to brunch." 'But she was gone from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. My whole day was gone. After that, she started giving me times, but they never stuck to them. She didn't even call to tell me, she just stayed away. "
Well, a recent situation where she was babysitting for this mother overturned the babysitter and she called the police. The DCF (Department of Children and Family Services) finally got involved. Here's the story as told on Reddit ...
“I got to her place at 6pm and she should be home by 9pm. I told her she had to be on time because I was planning on going out with friends. She promised not at home. I call her, no response. SMS, no response. Still an hour. Nothing. Still calling and writing. It's finally midnight. At this point, my plans have long been ruined, but I'm pissed off and exhausted. I call her and leave a voicemail saying that she will not be home for the next hour, I will write to her again and she left me while reading ... "
“If she had reached out and said, 'Hey, I'm going to be out until the X time,' I would have stayed. I don't know her family or the children's father so I can't call her. I gave her 15 minutes and tried again. Finally I called the police. They came and I showed our approval in our text exchange earlier in the week, confirming that she would be home by 9 p.m. I tried to contact her but she didn't respond. I was released and they took the children to the police. I went home and went to bed, "she wrote.
Then, around 3 a.m., the babysitter is awakened by a desperate phone call from the mother asking where her children are and why she is not there. “I told her to take my threat and check out the police station. She cursed me, I hung up and went to bed. DCF investigations started against her. She called me every name under the sun. I didn't think I was wrong until talking to a friend with kids. She said I should have just waited and refused to ever sit for her again. She asked if it was worth my being petty when she might lose her children, "she concluded in the post.
Most of the Reddit folks were quick to reassure the babysitter that she hadn't done an asshole thing in this particular situation by calling the police. Here's what they had to say:
"A woman cannot be contacted at night - still not after midnight ... a person's mind will definitely think that something bad has happened to her."
—U / Reigo_Vassal
"Let's be honest. OP wasn't petty. She reported a bad mother! This wasn't the first time this woman did this and she would continue to do it to anyone who took care of her children because she is selfish and doesn't care bad decisions have consequences. Maybe she'll learn, but I doubt it. "
—U / Alone-Pineapple-3752
“You are not an asshole. One thing I learned from True Crime is that the 'wait 24 hours to report a missing person' thing is a myth. She didn't respond to every message. She was actually a missing person at the time. "
- u / DrewMaguire
"The only thing the OP got wrong, and it hardly matters, is enduring it for as long as it has been." She went for brunch but didn't come back until 7pm. and I was there for eight hours "is not" easy money ".
—U / ThrowAsideWhenDone
"When the kids are older, will she leave them alone for hours or days? Just got news that children were left alone for so long that they were on the verge of starvation when their parents' let them go '" Fun.' You did the right thing. They were no longer your responsibility after 9 p.m. You stayed long before it was necessary and gave her enough time to answer. She even saw the news and still didn't reply. She knew what was going on and chose to ignore the welfare of you and her children. That is both abandonment and neglect of children. "
—U / inufan18
“As a mother - even if my children are with my husband or my family - I always check my phone in an emergency. Being totally MIA for more than four hours AFTER you were home is bad. And if a sitter calls, it could mean there is a bigger problem or an emergency. "
- u / Grenuille
Now we want to let your thoughts run free. Do you agree or do you think it is necessary and appropriate to the babysitter's mother's friend who thinks she has taken it a little too far to call the police? Let us know in the comments !!!

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