A mom who lost all her teeth while pregnant is showing off her beauty transformation on TikTok to de-stigmatize dentures

TikToker "princxssglitterhead" said she wished she had taken action to correct her teeth sooner. TikTok / princxssglitterhead
TikToker @princxssglitterhead has gone from toothless to gorgeous with her transformation.
The mother of four suffered tooth decay and tooth loss during her pregnancies.
She shares her experience with dentures to help other young people with dental problems.
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A mother who lost her teeth during pregnancy is now using clip-in dentures, and her transformation has gone viral on TikTok.
Alicia, known as "princxssglitterhead" on TikTok and whose last name is not public, had multiple dental problems and repairs during her four pregnancies.
Her before and after TikTok video shows how she goes from toothless with no makeup to pearly white to help other young people who are embarrassed about their dental problems.
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"Once we get to one point with our teeth, we don't even imagine better," Alicia said in a previous YouTube video. "We're just too complacent and I've accepted it as my fate - you only have shitty teeth and you will never like them."
Alicia had dental problems every four of her pregnancies
Alicia had no dental problems in her childhood, except for an anterior tooth that was getting small. When she became pregnant with her first baby at the age of 21, she had some toothache but wasn't too worried. "I had no idea how much pregnancy really affected my body until I had my baby," she said on YouTube.
At that point, both of her front teeth broke and she was given a partial replacement.
"It hit me very emotionally that I lost my teeth," she said. "[My husband] married me with perfect teeth ... and next year his wife will be missing her front teeth."
Alicia, now 36, had three more babies before she turned 31, each of which aggravated dental problems and led to a variety of treatments limited by what she could afford. She said she remembered calling the dentist after her second baby, "felt like it was the end of my life".
Then, in her early 30s, Alicia found a dentist who devised a long-term financial plan and, over the course of a year, created the clip-in prostheses she is showing off today. It cost $ 16,900 in total, which she paid off over five years.
"It's been over two years for me and I really still feel so stunned that I feel like myself," she said.
Hormonal changes, genetics, and diet can affect your teeth and gums during pregnancy
Alicia said genetics and mediocre diet contributed to her tooth decay. She has also feared the dentist since she vomited after accidentally swallowing fluoride during an appointment as a child. "That made me postpone treatment," she said.
According to the March of Dimes, dental problems can occur during pregnancy due to hormone, diet, and behavioral changes. For example, expectant mothers can avoid flossing or brushing their teeth a lot when they feel sick.
However, careful dental care during pregnancy is critical to preventing tooth decay, gingivitis (or swollen gums), tooth decay, and "pregnancy tumors" or tender benign lumps on the gums.
Pregnant women should take care to brush their teeth twice a day, especially after vomiting due to morning sickness; eating healthy; and go to the dentist at least once during those nine months.
Alicia also recommended calcium supplements and didn't hesitate to look for a dentist who could meet your needs.
"It's really important that you explore your options," she said. “Just take a look at it. You don't have to make any decisions, just let your curiosity find what you need.
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