A New HBO Max Promo May Have Solved a Key ‘Matrix Resurrections’ Mystery

Photo credit: Warner Bros.
We might have finally seen a trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, but we'd be lying if we said every mystery surrounding the new Matrix movie has been solved.
If anything, the excellent first trailer raised more questions than it answered, such as how Neo and Trinity are back after their supposed deaths in the original trilogy, why Morpheus is now being played by someone else, and more.
We probably won't get any definitive answers until the movie releases in December and it will be a while before we see a new trailer as well. However, a new HBO Max promo trailer gives us a glimpse into The Matrix Resurrections, which is largely made up of the footage we saw.
However, a slightly longer moment could give us a clearer indication of how Neo returned from the dead.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.
About 46 seconds into the HBO Max promo, we see some now familiar clips from the new movie, including Neo taking the red pill and fighting Morpheus in the dojo.
We also see someone hooked up to the Matrix, and while it's a beat from the trailer, it's a (slightly) clearer look. Now, of course, it could be almost anyone in the cast, but from this newer look it sure looks like the familiar character from Keanu Reeves' Neo.
We knew from set photos that Reeves had a buzzcut while filming, so it wouldn't be a surprise to the film to show Neo outside the Matrix. But if it's Neo what difference does it make?
Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Going back to the original movie, Cypher struck a deal with Agent Smith to betray Morpheus in exchange for being put back into the Matrix.
“I know this steak doesn't exist. I know when I put it in my mouth the matrix tells my brain that it is juicy and tasty. Do you know after nine years what I realized? “He tells Agent Smith.
"I don't want to remember anything ... You put my body back in a power plant, put me back in the matrix and I'll get you what you want."
Agent Smith agrees to Cypher's terms and while we have to assume he is telling the truth (because he may not be), it would mean the machines have a way to get people back into the Matrix even after telling the truth have seen . In addition, they can erase memories once the person is reconnected.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.
What if the machines did just that to Neo? After he sacrificed himself to get rid of Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolutions, we saw the machines take away Neo's body and that was the last we saw of him.
Maybe to revive him, or to save his life if Neo wasn't actually dead, they put him back in the Matrix. Whether intended by the machines or not, it could explain his memory loss and why we see him taking the blue pill in the first trailer for the new movie.
A blink-and-you-miss-it moment in the same trailer could confirm Neo is being reconnected.
When he talks about "having dreams that weren't just dreams," we see Neo being machined with the burned-out eyes from the end of the original trilogy.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Combined with the Neo-like figure we see in the Matrix, this could well be the result of what the machines did to Neo after the revolutions. The question then would be whether it triggered a new iteration of the matrix or whether it is just an expanded version of the one we know.
Likewise, it could all be some clever marketing misdirection, and the answer is something we haven't even considered. In the world of the Matrix, the answers could literally be anything.
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