A New Mom's MIL Shamed Her for Making a Living Writing Romance Novels & Reddit Is Livid

Romansh literature is a billion-dollar industry, but it is routinely dismissed as a petty debt pleasure for women. (Sexism, much?) Take it from this mom on Reddit, who made extra income to support her family by writing romance novels — while angering her "snobbish" mother-in-law in the process.
Reddit user @sunnymom93 took to the famous /AmITeAsshole subreddit for an unbiased look at an ongoing dispute with her MIL. Shortly after giving birth to her first child with her husband, @sunnymon93 began writing romance novels and publishing them on the internet "with the aim of just letting off some accumulated hormones (hard labor had third degree tears so our [marital relationships] were 5th grade). Months on hold), [and] hoping that I might earn a small amount [of] extra pocket money to buy nice things for babies and some treats for us."
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Surprise, surprise: your novel writing was an incredibly lucrative venture. In just three years, she's made enough money in commissions to have "a great stress-free motherhood" and even put down a 5 percent down payment on a house.
AITA For 'embarrassing' in-laws and calling out? by AmItheAsshole
"It's not millionaire money life changing," she explained, "but it has drastically improved our life with the house, given me amazing bonding experiences with my child, and allowed us to have extra fun money to invest in every month." putting our baby's future aside and I'm so grateful."
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The only problem? @sunnymom93's "prudish" MIL, who found out about her career as a romance writer a year ago when she noticed a card her husband had given her to celebrate reaching one million readers. "She said ... even though she knows it's none of her business, she would be too ashamed to write housewife porn for money," she recalled.
She and her husband were "a little shocked" by the strong language, but the snobbish attitude didn't come as a total surprise. Still, @sunnymon93 clapped back on her MIL: "At the end of the day, this book paid for the food that fed her grandchild, all the nice toys, a good start in life with a savings account and a roof over her head. I was very proud of that, so she should think about it before making snide comments."
The topic came up again just last week when her mother-in-law asked where she got the money for her husband's new couch and car. She said so of her book assignments... and her MIL had the audacity to ask for some money towards her next vacation. "I just laughed and told her 'fucking no' after her previous snooty comment," said @sunnymon93. "She didn't get a penny from my book commission and she called me an asshole."
She began to wonder if she was being too strict with her MIL, hence the AITA post. Luckily, Redditors overwhelmingly had their backs. After all, there is absolutely no shame in reading or writing romance novels. The genre is hugely popular for a reason!
"This is just a delicious comeuppance for your MIL!" wrote one commenter. "Anyone who belittles your work doesn't get a romantically funded vacation, and she just sucks it up. NTA."
"Money brings out the worst in people," chipped in another user. If she's so adamant that it's caused her to be rude to you about a fun career you're clearly good at, then she shouldn't be willing to ask you for vacation money."
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