A North Carolina mother and daughter given an eviction notice after neighbors complained about twerking at the community pool, reports say

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A North Carolina mom said she was evicted because her daughter was twerking by the pool.
The Charlotte Observer reported that Marshette Foster received an eviction notice from Element SouthPark earlier this month.
The report states that Foster has hired an attorney and is contesting the eviction.
A North Carolina woman and her 21-year-old daughter have been evicted from their home after complaining of dancing in the complex's outdoor pool.
Marshette Foster, who lived at Element SouthPark in Charlotte and paid $2,600 a month for two bedrooms, said the apartment's concierge gave birth to her daughter on March 30.
In a May 9 statement to The Charlotte Observer, Element SouthPark said they were evicted for "extremely unacceptable behavior" by Foster's daughter and her friends, and claimed the group was caught on video "in which they engaged in public nudity, Fighting and other exhibited highly unacceptable behavior." They added that children were nearby when it happened.
"We pride ourselves on being a diverse community with residents and team members from a variety of backgrounds," read the statement from The Observer.
According to the report, Foster said her daughter -- identified as Alanah -- apologized to staff and told them she was going to stop doing it.
Additionally, Foster told the outlet that the concierge said Alanah had too many guests around the pool, stressing that they didn't have the same complaint about white residents who were also there and their group of guests. This resulted in Alanah's friend cursing the concierge, she added.
"It's very inconvenient for me." "I truly believe that this residence... it doesn't spread the rules fairly. "Foster told The Raleigh News and Observer. "You're being discriminated against here."
However, Foster denied the apartment complex's claims: "They make us unkempt, uncouth, that we don't play by the rules," she said, according to the outlet.
The Charlotte Observer reported that after Foster received her eviction notice, she hired a lawyer who told her to stay at her apartment after the complex's deadline to contest it.
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