A nurse made his entire day's wages trading crypto on his lunch break, so he quit his day job and now makes 7 figures

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A 31-year-old quit his job as a pediatric nurse to trade cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg reported.
Now he is making seven figures, owns a holiday home and has more time for his newborn.
He told Insider he was "very happy" with his decision.
Josh Dorgan was a pediatric nurse and head of a hospital department until he realized he could make more money as a crypto trader.
The 31-year-old from Omaha, Nebraska, started trading cryptocurrency during his work breaks in 2017. Market turmoil is anything but temporary. "
In Facebook messages to Insider, Dorgan said he saw a news report that Bitcoin broke $ 2,000. He continued researching the digital currency and said, "It was a huge opportunity to get into crypto as early as possible."
During the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out in 2020, Dorgan said that working and trading crypto had become more difficult.
"It was really hard to sit in my office and make a few hundred dollars a day or whatever and then make a trade on my lunch break and make my full daily wage in five minutes," he told Bloomberg.
So he quit his job in August 2020 after hiring a financial advisor and making sure he saved enough money "in case it didn't work out," he told Insider. Now Dorgan is making a seven-figure sum and is "very happy" with his decision, he said, noting that he has invested in traditional markets as well as in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
"Of course, I miss taking care of the children [in the hospital], but there are other ways I can help people by teaching them how the markets work," he told Insider.
Dorgan now has a vacation home and spends more time with his newborn. Sports and meditation, which he had ignored for years, have also become his routine, wrote Bloomberg. He's also picked up on home improvement projects - another popular pastime during the pandemic, according to his Facebook page.
Retailers like Dorgan have flooded the market amid the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks in part to more time and government economic controls. And they have left their mark.
An army of them drove up the price of GameStop, AMC, and others and created a new class of asset called "meme stocks," and they've been poured into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
Retailers have even endorsed meme-inspired digital assets like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. And like Dorgan, others have made their fortunes trading cryptocurrencies. One guy invested $ 1,000 in bitcoin at the age of 12 and is now worth millions. Another became a millionaire from the meme-inspired Dogecoin.
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