A perfect wedding out of the ashes

Bride and groom Elizabeth and Jake Landuyt say their wedding on Mackinac Island, Michigan was like a fairy tale - until a building next to their wedding venue caught fire and forced their guests to evacuate. What happened next could only be described as the true ending of the fairy tale. Steve Hartman reports.
Video transcript
- Steve Hartman now with a story of burning love.
STEVE HARTMAN: The bride and groom, Elizabeth and Jake Landuyt, say their wedding was like a fairy tale. Was.
ELIZABETH LANDUYT: The ceremony was perfect.
- You can kiss your bride.
JAKE LANDUYT: Everything we could dream of
ELIZABETH LANDUYT: So my father made his father of the bride speech and just a minute later he was interrupted by some of our guests.
- House on fire.
STEVE HARTMAN: And that was the end. The cottage right next to their wedding venue on Mackinac Island, Michigan caught fire and everyone had to evacuate the area. This is a picture of the new refugees who are giving up their admission.
JAKE LANDUYT: I didn't know where we were going. I just thought we have to get away from it.
ELIZABETH LANDUYT: So we just made our way to church.
STEVE HARTMAN: The church where they just got married. This time they prayed for everyone's safety. And in the end no one was hurt and even the building was saved. It seemed like the only thing that couldn't be saved was their wedding day, but without the knowledge of the bride and groom, while they were in this church and praying, angels rushed from all over the city.
- We had to step up and do the right thing.
STEVE HARTMAN: First, the on-site chef took all 120 meals, which were only partially prepared, and instructed his staff to take them out.
- We just ran with it.
STEVE HARTMAN: I brought these meals to the restaurant next door.
- We just boiled it, doused it with sauces, and it went down the street.
STEVE HARTMAN: Down the street to a resort that had a function room.
- Everyone offered how they could help and we started just pulling out whatever we had.
STEVE HARTMAN: And what they didn't have was another restaurant.
- So we put everything on a cart and push it down Main Street.
STEVE HARTMAN: That's the other thing.
- It's going to be great.
STEVE HARTMAN: Mackinac Island doesn't have cars, so this whole migration was done manually, fueled by sheer will and the kindness of strangers like the bellboy who volunteered to be a bartender. And thanks to every effort, the bride blushed again in less than an hour.
And what did you charge for this help?
- Nothing.
- I didn't charge you anything.
- Nothing. No.
JAKE LANDUYT: Literally having a reception picked up from the ashes made the wedding better than we could ever have imagined and which we cannot recommend. It is a day and an experience that we will cherish forever.
STEVE HARTMAN: After all, a perfect wedding.

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