A photographer lives full-time in a 66-square-foot van that has a king-size bed, roof deck, and secret compartments that disappear into the walls

The accountant became the travel photographer Quin Schrock in his 66 square meter house. Courtesy Quin Schrock
Quin Schrock lives in a converted 66 square meter Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
The travel photographer bought the $ 57,000 van in March and converted it into a tiny house over five months.
Schrock has been living full-time in various vehicles on the road for around six years.
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Quin Schrock is a photographer who travels the USA and the world on commission - and is allowed to bring his home with him.
Schrock has lived and worked in various RVs for the past six years since giving up his accountant career to become a professional photographer.
"I had a pretty normal suburban life and then was an accountant," Schrock told Insider.
“I've always dreamed of having a life full of adventure and having these crazy stories that I would see in movies. It was more like that distant dream,” he added.
That started to change when he booked a one-way ticket to Peru six years ago and liked the pictures he took on the trip.
Since then, Schrock, who was included in an insider summary of the 30 most visited Instagram travel accounts in 2017, has been working as a travel photographer. His Instagram account with 1.2 million followers is full of colorful snapshots from countries like Peru, Bolivia and California.
The native Californian started building his newest tiny mobile home in March - a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van that he calls his "quarantine baby".
Schrock transformed his 66 square meter van into a small all-day house with a king-size bed, a roof terrace covered with solar panels and secret compartments that disappear into the walls.
Quin Schrock's Sprinter Van conversion is just the latest chapter in his life on the road. He lived like this full-time for about six years, about as long as he was a travel photographer.
Schrock home in his sprinter car. Courtesy Quin Schrock
When asked about his nomadic lifestyle and the reason why he took the first step, Schrock points to the username on his Instagram page "Everchanging Horizon".
"My username is @everchanginghorizon. Basically, it's my job to constantly move and experience the world, to capture it and share it with everyone interested," he said.
Schrock told Insider that despite the limited space he does not see life in a van as "downsizing". Instead, he says he "always upgrades lightly".
Schrock told Insider that at the beginning of his trip he lived out of a backpack and in hotels. He later switched to more permanent accommodation, first with a tent and then with a car.
He recalls that his first van, pictured in the Instagram post above, was "really small" and cost him $ 4,000.
"It never felt like downsizing. It actually felt like, 'Wow, this is so luxurious, every time I got a new van. I have so much space,'" he said.
Schrock bought his latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for about $ 57,000, but estimates it cost a total of $ 90,000 after taking into account all of the adjustments and modifications he made.
The van before the conversion. Courtesy Quin Schrock
The inside of the tiny house is wrapped in panels of wood that, according to Schrock Insider, cost about $ 10,000. Other amenities and gadgets added up, bringing the total amount he had invested in the van so far to nearly $ 100,000.
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