A premature baby has beaten the odds to survive after her lungs collapsed from crying too hard

A baby whose lungs collapsed from crying has exceeded the chances of survival. (SWNS)
A baby exceeded the chances of survival after both lungs collapsed from crying violently.
Little Robyn Theaker is now back home with her family after spending eleven days in intensive care five weeks earlier after she was born.
Robyn was born on March 17 through an emergency caesarean section weighing 5 pounds 5 ounces after her mother suffered heavy bleeding at week 35 of pregnancy.
However, the condition of the newborn decreased drastically a few hours after birth when x-rays showed a small hole in both lungs.
Her mother Kylie, 32, of Heworth, York, said the doctors said Robyn was born early and her lungs were not flexible. Her crying and screaming let too much air in too quickly.
As a result, both organs collapsed and the newborn had to fight for her life.
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Little Robyn spent 11 days in the intensive care unit. (SWNS)
With needles that went through Robyn's side and into her lungs, the doctors inserted breast drains to make breathing easier. Kylie said it was "really annoying to see".
The tubing allowed Robyn to breathe during her eleven days in the intensive care unit, where it was "touch and go" if the little one would survive.
"Those 11 days alone felt like 11 months," explains Kylie.
The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting safety measures affected the difficulty of having a new baby in the intensive care unit.
"I was really lonely. You would normally have a family to help you, but it was just me and Robyn, ”she continues.
"My concern for her was completely consuming, I had nothing else in mind
"I could only be there for her, she must have been in so much pain."
Fortunately, Robyn showed signs of improvement, which meant the breast drains could be removed and she could finally breathe without help.
After a courageous fight, Robyn was able to leave the hospital on March 29, which her mother said the doctors “couldn't believe”.
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Dad Craig and Robyn (SWNS)
The duo of mother and daughter is now safely back home with Papa Craig, big brother Davey (eight) and sister Lucy (three).
"As soon as we walked through the door, everyone forgot me and just crowded around the baby," says Kylie of the family reunion.
“The children are obsessed with her. She is such a great little baby that I am not surprised. "
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The family now lives at home with the newborn.
"We feel so happy to have a healthy, happy baby - it's a miracle," says Kylie.
"There was a time when we didn't know if Robyn would survive. I was absolutely distraught.
"I asked the nurses directly if my baby would die and they just didn't know it.
"I was sitting by her bed hour after hour, I refused to go because I was so afraid that she would be worse if I came back."
Robyn's trip is even more moving for Kylie and Craig, an administrator of the insurance company, because in 2015 they lost Baby Josie just an hour after their 24-week premature birth.
And while the family is thrilled to be home with their newborn, the tragic events of recent years have taken their toll.
“Everything that happened in 2015 and what happened to Robyn worried me,” explains Kylie.
Robyn is now back home with her family. (SWNS)
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The spread of the corona virus has also contributed to the family's concerns.
“I couldn't enjoy it for the first few weeks outside of the hospital. I just looked at her and waited for something to go wrong.
But when things normalize again, Kylie is looking forward to the future.
“Robyn had such a difficult start in life, but luckily she has recovered completely, she is healthy and happy.
"We feel very happy."
Additional reporting SWNS.

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