A professor shared what he does for his students during exams — and TikTok users are applauding him: 'You are literally the most ideal teacher'

An information technology and computer systems professor went viral on TikTok for revealing what he is doing for his students as they take their exams.
On December 9, a user with the handle @gamerdadtv posted a duet with another teacher (@ ms.sutherd) who "wanted to normalize that students use the notes they take during their tests". In a duet, @gamerdadtv, who apparently also streams on Twitch, explains why he allows his students to do this.
"One is if we just do quizzes, I'll make them do it twice because I want them to learn the thing," he says on his TikTok. “So if you do something wrong, go back, check and do it again, and remember. I'm not just a goalkeeper and I try to get them memorized. "
The professor then gives his second reason for letting his students rely on their notes for their exams.
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"Two: I'll get you to keep a journal," he continues. "They take notes throughout the course and can bring their journal to the final exam because they did the research. Again, I'm not trying to teach them to memorize things - I can't memorize everything - I teach them To solve problems, to learn. "
The TikTok has since gone viral, receiving over 1.3 million views and more than 300,000 likes. Many TikTok users praised him for his understanding.
"Goat," wrote one person. "Not all of us learn the same way."
"They make great students," added another.
"You are literally the most ideal teacher," wrote a third. “Only if we had teachers like you every day. I disagree with a lot of teaching methods, but I like yours. "
Some students have long argued that taking exams traditionally (read: without using notes) does nothing to help them learn. For example, in a 2018 article for student news publication The Roar, Santa Clara High School student Sam Hunt argued that "the whole concept of memorization is flawed."
"A student does not acquire new skills by writing facts in memory, especially considering that according to research by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, students will forget most of what they dedicate to memory," wrote Hunt. "[...] Getting students to study only to forget what they learned after the test is just a pointless waste of time and energy."
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