A Pup is Lost in a Sea of Polar Bears in the North Pole. Can You Find Him?

Photo credit: Canine Cottages
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Santa Claus, his elves, reindeer and Mrs. Claus are not the only residents of the North Pole. Lots of adorable little polar bears are also home to the Arctic Circle. When the Frechie puppy Pierre went on a trip to the North Pole with his humans to visit Santa Paws, he was distracted by all the Christmas-loving polar bears and lost his owner in this search puzzle.
Canine Cottages, a chain of dog day care based in the UK, has created this fun, festive puzzle to put a smile on your face after a little challenge, of course. "This brain teaser baffled us at Canine Cottages 'headquarters," Canine Cottages' Shannon Keary said in a press release. "We hope our brain teaser has also confused the public and put everyone in the Christmas spirit."
Help Pierre find his way out of the annual North Pole Polar Bears Christmas party and return to his owners before they leave the Frenchie behind. But be warned: solving this holiday mentality is far from easy. Pierre is tiny and easily blends in with his new friends. See if you can find it:
Photo credit: Canine Cottages
If you took just a few seconds to try to solve this search puzzle and then gave up, you may want to go back and spend a little more time on it. On average, it takes brain teaser lovers around 2 minutes and 49 seconds to find the Frenchie. If you found it right away, congratulations! I don't know how you did it, but I'm impressed.
For those determined to find Pierre on their own, no matter how long it takes, stop scrolling. The solution is below.
I mean it that way.
You can do that.
Don't cave in or look unless you are absolutely sure you can't find it. (If so, join the club.)
Last chance.
Photo credit: Canine Cottages
Happy Holidays!
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