A San Francisco zoo thinks a 50-pound mountain lion that ran loose through the city killed 2 of its wallaroos and a kangaroo

In this image from a surveillance camera video by KGO-TV / ABC7, a young mountain lion wanders across the transmitter's parking lot in San Francisco on June 16, 2020.
KGO-TV / ABC7 via Associated Press
A 50-pound mountain lion running through San Francisco is suspected of having killed three marsupials at the city's zoo.
The zoo said it was investigating the deaths of two wallaroos and a red kangaroo.
Before the mountain lion was found, the police had warned the city that if they encountered it, they would likely be "confused and lost" and "appear tall and scream".
The mountain lion was finally captured several kilometers from the zoo last week and released back into the wild after an investigation at the Oakland Zoo.
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A young mountain lion who roamed the streets of San Francisco for several days before being captured last week is suspected of killing three marsupials at the local zoo.
The San Francisco Zoo & Gardens said in a statement to the New York Times that the zoo is investigating and doing DNA tests after two wallaroos and a red kangaroo were found dead on June 12.
"It is speculated that the juvenile mountain lion used the coast to explore our beautiful city and entered the zoo on this trip," said the zoo.
That is, the mountain lion would have somehow accessed the zoo's "Australian WalkAbout" exhibition, which houses its marsupials, also known as "marsupials".
Police in San Francisco said the mountain lion was safe, about eight miles from the zoo, and tweeted a picture of the puma squatting under some trees near a house.
San Francisco police

Mountain lion captured

Many thanks to @SFPDSouthern for your keen eyes! You discovered the mountain lion this morning on 100 Block of Channel St. and were able to safely catch and remove the mountain lion with the help of @SFACC + @CaliforniaDFW!
8:17 p.m. - June 18, 2020
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A spokeswoman for Animal Care and Control told the Associated Press that the 50-pound animal was in a rough state when it was captured.
"It only moved a few blocks in 24 hours. The poor guy really needed help," she said.
Before the mountain lion was found, the police had warned the city that if they encountered it, they would likely be "confused and lost" and "appear tall and scream".
The Oakland Zoo examined the mountain lion after its capture and tweeted a video showing its release into the wild.
Oakland Zoo
Mr. San Francisco update !!! Here is a video of the release of our 12th Mountain Lion Rescue yesterday. After @CaliforniaDFW was classified as healthy by our Oakland Zoo Vet Hospital, he left him in an open reservation (Tweet 1/3).
4:13 p.m. - June 20, 2020
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Other photos and videos showed employees hoisting the sedated animal onto an examination table, where it was given oxygen.
Oakland Zoo
June 19, 2020
Reply to @oakzoo
After Dr. Alex Herman had been examined and treated by our great veterinary team, he thought it would be healthy to be released into the wild again. @CaliforniaDFW then took him to an open reservation and safely left him in the wild. Stay tuned for a video of its release tomorrow!
Oakland Zoo
Please consider making a donation to OZ so that we can continue this work. It takes tens of thousands of dollars to care for and rehabilitate these beautiful lions, and OZ has lost millions of dollars in closed earnings since March 17. Thanks for your support!
https: //
3:04 a.m. - June 19, 2020
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See the other tweets from the Oakland Zoo
A biologist told The Times that the mountain lion was 15 months old and too young to leave his mother.
The death of the three animals at the San Francisco Zoo was probably an "excess of killings", which meant that his instinct to kill killed prey was carried over, said Zara McDonald of the Felidae Conservation Fund's Bay Area Puma Project. "It's probably not a coincidence that this happened and that this juvenile mountain lion was in town at the same time."
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