A second TV news reporter lost her job this week after announcing on-air that she'd be speaking to Project Veritas

CBS 62 weather reporter April Moss made the bomb announcement in the middle of the weekend weather forecast. Screengrab / CBS 62
April Moss, a CBS partner journalist who paused her weather report to say she was speaking to Project Veritas, has lost her job.
The broadcaster told Insider that Moss had objections to its guidelines on COVID testing and wearing masks.
Last week, Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker lost her job after interrupting a program to claim she had been muzzled by the network.
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Weekend weather anchor April Moss is no longer employed at CBS 62 Detroit after cutting off her live broadcast on Sunday to announce she would be a source for Project Veritas.
"April Moss contradicted WWJ-TV's guidelines regarding COVID-19 testing and wearing masks on our station, which are based on CDC, state and local guidelines," a spokesman for CBS 62 Detroit said.
“Any suggestion that she was in any way a victim of 'discrimination' because of her concerns about this policy is completely false. In fact, we allowed April to do her weather anchoring duties from home while we investigated her concerns, ”added the spokesman.
The CBS 62 spokesperson also noted that while the broadcaster respects and supports the freedom of employees to express their opinions, they "are not entitled to use our broadcaster's news programs as a platform for exchanging personal views. Ms. Moss is no longer with us ". Railway station."
Moss paused in the middle of her weather forecast to announce that she would sit down with Project Veritas this week to "discuss the discrimination CBS imposes on its employees."
Project Veritas is a far-right group that claims to investigate and expose corruption. Its founder, James O'Keefe, is best known for posting edited Sting-style videos.
O'Keefe told Newsweek that CBS 62 Detroit "did not address any of the major issues raised by April Moss' recording."
"No mention of company-wide efforts to promote vaccination among employees and the public. Instead, CBS turned its focus on them personally to divert attention from the results they presented to our organization," O'Keefe told Newsweek.
Before her tenure with the station ended, Moss had been an employee of CBS 62 Detroit since 2012 and was the station's weekend weather anchor.
She is the second female journalist in the last week to announce on live television that she is the source for Project Veritas.
Last week, Ivory Hecker, a reporter and host for Fox 26 Houston, surprisingly announced during a live broadcast that she was going to Project Veritas with secret footage. Hecker was released last Tuesday.
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