A Shocking Upset! Find Out Who Went Home on ‘AGT’ Results Night Two and Who Made the Finale!

It was the second night of America's Got Talent season 17 live show performance results with the new format: the 55 contestants were divided into groups of 11 acts who performed over five nights, and only two from each night will get through .
The 11 acts that performed Tuesday were Aiko Tanaka, The Brown Brothers, Chapel Hart, Duo Rings, Freckled Zelda, Fusion Japan, Maddie, Mr. Pants, The Pack Drumline, Wyn Starks, Yu Hojin.
Which two will make it?
Who was voted out of America's Got Talent season 17 night 2?
Aiko Tanaka, The Brown Brothers, Duo Rings, Freckled Zelda, Fusion Japan, Maddie, Mr. Pants, The Pack Drumline and Wyn Starks.
Who didn't get voted out and made the America's Got Talent top 10 and finals?
HartYu Hojin Chapel
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Recap of America's Got Talent Night One show results
This is how the night went:
The evening began with a recap of Tuesday night's performance show to refresh the audience's memories of how each artist fared on Tuesday night.
Then host Terry Crews asked Simon Cowell why they changed the format of this year's show and made it so much harder to reach the finals.
"We did it because the live shows got boring over the years because to me everyone should bring their A-game," said Simon. “Of course nine people go home. Some people might not like it; hard for them."
First, Wyn Starks and Duo Rings were called to the front of the stage by Terry. He announced that the first act still in competition would be Duo Rings.
Next, freckles Zelda and Maddie got their results. Of course, it came as no surprise that Maddie, Howie Mandel's golden buzzer, made the top five.
"I can't be happy anymore. I'm thankful for each of you," Maddie said.
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The voting result continued with the revelation that The Brown Brothers Fusion beat Japan for a place in the top 5.
Next, Yu Hojin competed against Aiko Tanaka and Mr. Pants for fourth place in the Top 5. Magician Yu Hojin received the good news that he was still in the competition.
The last two acts to receive the voting results were Chapel Hart and The Pack Drumline. Again, it was no surprise that another Golden Buzzer act, Chapel Hart, made the cut.
Then it was time for season 11 third place finisher John Dorenbos to show off some up-close magic.
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Next, Terry announced the top 3: Yu Hojin, Maddie, and Chapel Hart, which sent Duo Rings and The Brown Brothers home.
The first act to make the finals on the second night of live shows was Chapel Hart.
"Deserving girls," said Heidi Klum. "You sang your way into America's heart and mine."
"I'm so happy," added Simon.
Then it was between Yu and Maddie. The act joining Chapel Hart, Drake Milligan and Avery Dixon in the finale - and it came as a shock - is Yu Hojin!
America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.
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