A streamer said dating the world's biggest YouTuber is 'like a movie,' saying she had to answer a pre-prepared list of questions when they first met

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Jimmy Donaldson is the most followed YouTuber with 114 million subscribers. Wide Awake Podcast and Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
Twitch streamer Thea Booysen is said to be in a relationship with the world's largest YouTuber MrBeast.
Booysen told Wide Awake Podcast that dating the popular YouTuber felt "like a movie."
She also said he asked her a list of questions when they met to see if they were compatible.
One Twitch streamer said she met MrBeast, the world's biggest YouTuber, at a club, where he asked her a list of pre-prepared questions before deciding she was girlfriend material.
Thea Booysen, a game developer with 24,000 Twitch followers, appeared on an October episode of the Wide Awake Podcast hosted by Joshua Rubin. She said she met the YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, while visiting South Africa, where she lives, with popular YouTube creators Logan Paul and Casey Niestat.
Booysen said one of her friends came across the group at a club, and when she heard about it, she decided to meet them because she wanted to find out what Donaldson was like.
"I knew about MrBeast. I knew what great things he was doing, but I was also curious from a psychological perspective, how do these people play it up, do they have an alter ego?” she said.
Personally, according to Booysen, Donaldson was "super nice and very down to earth" and began asking her a lot of questions.
"I didn't realize he was actually going to cross off a list because he was possibly looking for a new girlfriend, and he had this whole list, he's like, 'She's gotta have a hobby, she's got to have some interests, that's what she's got around this and to do that," she said.
Booysen said the couple talked about various topics that interested her, such as a young adult book she was writing and also neuroscience.
"The fact that he could keep up with the conversation was very appealing to me because you have to have a certain level of interest and intellect to want to talk about these things," she said.
Booysen said she doesn't know if the conversation went well, saying, "I thought I'd bore him," but said when she got home she got a Twitter DM from Donaldson and the two started chatting to chat online more regularly. This led to Donaldson paying another visit to South Africa, according to Booysen, and he eventually became her boyfriend.
During a September episode of the FLAGRANT podcast, Donaldson said he was in a relationship with someone he met in South Africa, although he didn't reveal her name. He explained that when he met his current girlfriend, he "put her through the wringer" by asking her a series of questions.
"I don't really get along with women if they don't like to study, aren't obsessed or don't have a hobby, for example. There are only certain things that we really get along on when you have those qualities and if you don't it's impossible for us to hang out," he said.
On Booysen's Instagram account, she and Donaldson can be seen together in several recent posts, with many commenters referring to the pair as a "couple."
Booysen described her experience of dating a hugely popular YouTuber as "like being in a movie."
Though Donaldson has earned a public reputation for making large donations to viewers, Booysen said she's had the opportunity to learn about charitable ventures, like a food bank, which she says operates off-camera.
"He really has a lot of things behind the scenes where he's helping people, I know I'm speaking on his behalf now. He won't talk about it, but I can brag for him," she said.
Donaldson, who became the world's most-followed individual YouTuber on November 14, is known for his altruistic videos, in which he often gives away large sums of money to viewers. He rose to fame in 2018 by donating thousands of dollars to small Twitch streamers and YouTubers. He has also created elaborate contests where fans can participate in videos and win big prizes.
The YouTuber doesn't often share information about his personal life on his social media accounts. He has previously said he spends most of his time producing YouTube content and lives in his film studio.
"All I do is wake up every day obsessing over how to make the best videos possible," Donaldson said in a live stream to celebrate hitting 100 million subscribers in July.
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