A teen computer whiz is poised to become 'the patron saint of the internet' after Pope Francis declared he had enacted a miracle from heaven

A picture of Carlo Acutis, 15, seen during his beatification ceremony in Assisi, Italy, on Saturday. AP Photo / Gregorio Borgia
A 15-year-old Italian geek on Saturday took the first step to become a saint.
Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia in 2006, was beatified by the Catholic Church, the Catholic news agency reported.
Beatification means that a person has gone to heaven and can guide those who pray to them.
The move was taken after Pope Francis said Acutis performed a miracle in curing a 7-year-old Brazilian boy of pancreatic disease.
Already known as the "patron saint of the Internet," Acutis caught the Pope's attention after he created a website at the age of 11 where miracles could be cataloged.
Two confirmed miracles are usually required for a person to become a saint in the Catholic Church.
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A 15-year-old Italian geek took the first step on Saturday to become "the patron saint of the Internet" after the Pope blamed him for a miracle.
Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia in 2006, was beatified by the Catholic Church, making him the youngest person in modern times to receive the status, the Catholic news agency reported.
Beatification means that a person has gone to heaven and can now lead those who pray to them. It is the first step towards holiness. The Church first announced in June that Acutis would be beatified.
In February, Pope Francis said Acutis performed his first miracle from heaven: a 7-year-old boy in Brazil with a rare pancreatic disease was healed after praying to Acutis and coming into contact with one of his T-shirts.
Pope Francis on Easter Monday of this year. Reuters
Two confirmed miracles are required to become a true saint. Occasionally, papacies have been known to drop calls for a second miracle, according to the Associated Press.
Acutis first caught the attention of the Catholic Church when he was 11 when he created a website that documented and cataloged miracles.
Pope Francis said in 2017 that Acutis used the internet to "communicate values ​​and beauty".
Pope Francis then repeated a maxim created by Acutis to guide people's behavior on the Internet: "Everyone is born original, but many die like photocopies."
St. Peter's Basilica seen in Rome during the coronavirus pandemic. REMO CASILLI / Reuters
Acutis has been referred to as the "patron saint of the Internet", but it is not yet clear what concept, object, or activity Acutis would become the patron saint of if canonized.
At the beatification ceremony last week, Cardinal Agostino Vallini said that Acutis had "used the internet in the service of the gospel to reach as many people as possible" and that Acutis saw the internet as a place to be used responsibly without being enslaved to become. ""
Acutis - born in London in May 1991 to Italian parents who moved to Milan shortly afterwards - is buried in a grave in Assisi.
While he is the youngest person to be beatified in modern times, he will not be the youngest saint when he receives the title.
In 2019, Pope Francis sanctified Francisco and Jacinta Marto, two Portuguese children aged 10 and 9 who died during the pandemic influenza in 1918 and are believed to have seen the Virgin Mary caring for sheep.
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